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Cafe Habana (nyc)

  1. Crime Scenes
    Cab Interrupts Dinner at Café HabanaAnd deer run wild through an upstate Wegmans.
  2. Truckin’
    Café Habana Truck Will Park on UWSAcross from the Museum of Natural History.
  3. Endangered
    Café Colonial Owner: McNally Inspired Landlord to Pull Plug After Fifteen“It’s just not fun anymore,” says Luciane Gilan, who is facing a tripling of her rent.
  4. Lawsuits
    Two More ‘Habana Girls’ Come Forward About ‘ManiacalTwo former waitresses say Café Habana’s risqué calendars were their idea, but went in a different direction.
  5. Lawsuits
    Lawyer Says ‘Habana Girls’ Have ‘An Active Imagination’Were accusations of sexual harassment at a trendy Nolita eatery inspired by the Hawaiian Tropic Zone case?
  6. Lawsuits
    ‘Habana Girls’ File Lawsuit Over Wages, Pinup CalendarCafé Habana is the subject of a steamy lawsuit.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    During Fashion Week, Plenty of CW Starlets Are EatingOur weekly roundup of the Who’s Who and where they’re eating.
  8. Celebrity Settings
    America Ferrera and Morgan Freeman Go to Fishtail, Stevie Wonder Leaves $1,000And more in our weekly celebrity-foodie roundup.
  9. Celebrity Settings
    Ethan Hawke Hits Qdoba; ‘Beverly Hills 90210’ Reunion at D’OrLast week Todd Barry told us he was a Chipotle man and we noted that a couple of respected chefs were too — but it seems Ethan Hawke, for one, prefers naked burritos to burrito bols, if a recent sighting at Qdoba Mexican Grill is any indicator. Are notable New Yorkers embracing casual dining chains? Lizzie Grubman did take her client Tailor Made to, um, the Olive Garden…