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Cafe Altro Paradiso

  1. recaps
    The Altro Paradiso Bake Sale Raised $96,000Natasha Pickowicz’s annual fundraiser in support of Planned Parenthood of New York raised $17,000 before it even started.
  2. interviews
    How One Pastry Chef Turned a Bake Sale Into NYC’s Can’t-Miss Fundraising Event.Natasha Pickowicz on community building, Planned Parenthood, and the power of a restaurant’s values.
  3. pasta primers
    Welcome to the Age of Peak Pasta“There’s a crazy fad of esoteric pasta shapes.”
  4. harassment
    Estela Co-Owner Will Step Away From Restaurants Amid Accusations of Verbal AbuseThomas Carter is the subject of a report that accuses him of creating an abusive culture at his restaurants.
  5. the grub street diet
    Pastry Chef Natasha Pickowicz Stays Hydrated With Party Water“When I make my first million, I’m installing a Vivreau in my house. It’s the absolute cushiest.”
  6. the undergound gourmet digest
    The Best New Things to Eat and Drink Right Now, RankedRadicchio burgers, sweet-potato bread, schnitzels, and more.
  7. the underground gourmet quick bite
    Ignacio Mattos Debuts Sensational New BurgerYou can find it at lunch at Café Altro Paradiso.
  8. the underground gourmet digest
    The Best New Things to Eat Right Now, RankedCurry cauliflower, cheesecake babka, porchetta mac ‘n’ cheese, and more.
  9. foodievents
    Feast on Ignacio Mattos’s Cuban Sandwich for a Good CauseBon Appétit’s new fundraising series, “Family Meal,” benefits immigrants.
  10. interviews
    How This Pastry Pro Made Herself Invaluable to a Demanding Chef“It was intimidating to figure out how to feel vital to him and necessary for the restaurant.”
  11. Restaurant Review
    Nix Pushes the Vegetable-Forward EnvelopeWhile Café Altro Paradiso plays it safe.
  12. Design
    Meet the Server Turned Florist Who Draws Inspiration From Chefs“I can’t imagine doing flowers for a restaurant where I don’t have this kind of relationship with the chef.”