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Cabana Cachaca

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    Alcohol Advertising Gets Edgier, Just Plain WeirderCabana has kicked off a new ad campaign that seems to be a nod to Brazil’s $100 million adult-film industry, but we’re more impressed with Absolut’s ads.
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    Gimmicky Drink Names Reach New Nadir With the ‘Striketini’We get pitches for preposterously named cocktails all the time, but this??? Just a quick note to let you know about a new signature cocktail being served up at the W Times Square to help tourists (and weary picketers) cope with the Broadway Strike. Available at the hotel’s Living Room Lounge and Whiskey Bar, it is made with bourbon, Grand Marnier and white cranberry juice and is dark in color as a result of the dark lights on Broadway. This is ridiculous enough to make us pound a Gisele, made with CABANA CACHACA and being served at D’Or (are you happy Nike Communications — we finally got an excuse to mention it!).