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C.w. Nevius

  1. Community Bored
    Nevius: Restaurant Moratoriums Are Not the AnswerThe proposed freeze on new restaurants will only hurt progress, he argues.
  2. Endangered
    Tosca Café Update: Owner Decided to Lower Her Own Rent, Gets ServedIt will, in all likelihood, remain Tosca, however.
  3. Endangered
    Chuck Nevius Sides With Landlords In Gold Dust Lounge DisputeNot surprisingly, Nevius is no fan of preservation.
  4. Kerfuffles
    North Beach Café Incites Parklet ProblemsMuch like Squat and Gobble in the Castro, Caffe Roma in North Beach is trying to keep the parklet in front of it for itself.
  5. Trends
    Chuck Nevius Once Again Shocked That People Live, Eat in the TenderloinHe can’t believe how nice Jones is!
  6. Beef
    Squat and Gobble Squabbling Over Parklet RulesTables on one side of the sidewalk get waiter service; on the parklet side, nope.
  7. Beef
    Neighbors Are Still Making Noise About Shuttering Suede NightclubNorth Beach business owners and residents bring their petition to the City at month’s end.
  8. Quote of the Day
    Nevius Extends His Ferry Building Metaphor
  9. Beef
    CUESA Defends Itself Against NeviusWhy is Aidells getting the boot from the farmers’ market? Because they’re way too huge and successful.