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  1. Chefs
    Mario’s Table, The Neighborhood Restaurant a Gold Coast Neighborhood NeededA venerable Italian joint reinvents itself.
  2. Awards
    Meet The Stars of Tomorrow at ZagatZagat names 30 more under 30.
  3. Chefs
    Lillie’s Q Reopens at French Market; More On Fire Damage, Comeback PlansA week later, Lillie’s Q starts to come back.
  4. Chefs
    Cleetus Friedman Named The… Chef of The FountainheadCleetus Friedman lands at Ravenswood beer bar/restaurant.
  5. Chefs
    What Rene DeLeon Will Do, And Not Do, At Billy Lawless’s West Town ProjectSous chef Rene DeLeon has left Next for new Billy Lawless restaurant.
  6. Interviews
    Chef Gerard Craft On Modern Midwestern Food (Which He’ll Be Making at SepiaTalking with midwestern master Gerard Craft.
  7. Chefs
    Pastry Chef Hsing Chen Leaving Peninsula To Open Patisserie This Summer
  8. Chefs
    Curtis Duffy, Jewish MotherAn extra course of a different sort.
  9. Chefs
    What’s Beverly Kim Up To Now? $29 and The Trib Will Get You The AnswerBeverly Kim is teaching now.
  10. Chefs
    Matt Kirkley’s Favorite Cookbooks Aren’t What You’d ThinkKirkley vs. cookbooks.
  11. Chefs
    Kendal Duque To Bring Contemporary Classics to American JunkieKendal Duque will be the chef at mega sports bar American Junkie.
  12. Chefs
    Henri Announces Executive Chef Christopher Gawronski, Spirits Director Mike PageHenri’s new chef is even more official, changes menus.
  13. Chefs
    Carrie Nahabedian Talks Food With Armenian TVCarrie Nahabedian talks Armenian inspiration.
  14. Chefs
    The Startling True Life Story Behind Chef Curtis Duffy of GraceHow Curtis Duffy was saved by cooking.
  15. Chefs
    Amanda Rockman Leaving The Bristol/Balena For New ProjectAmanda Rockman moves on.
  16. Chefs
    You’ll Never Guess Which Chef Has the Best SmileWho’s got the best smile in town?
  17. Chefs
    Ombra Names New Chef, Rafael Vargas, Debuts Winter MenuNew chef, new plans at Ombra.
  18. Chefs
    David Dworshak Leaving Carnivale For Takito Kitchen in Ukrainian VillageTakito Kitchen hires David Dworshak.
  19. Chefs
    Markethouse Restaurant and Bar Names De’Ann Wellwerts ChefMarkethouse appoints new chef.
  20. Chefs
    What Ever Happened to Michael McDonald? Luxbar, It Turns OutOne Sixty Blue chef now at Luxbar.
  21. Chefs
    Takashi To Take Slurping Turtle To Ann ArborTakashi plans Slurping Turtle for Ann Arbor.
  22. Chefs
    Storefront Theater: Breaking Down The Kitchen’s Fourth WallStorefront Company puts its chefs on stage.
  23. Chefs
    How To Make a Food StarA star is baked.
  24. Interview
    Paul Liebrandt on Fine Dining and Corton, the Greatness of Mission Chinese Food,The 36-year-old chef opens up about his new project (a little) and talks about his time on the line when he was a “young man.”
  25. Chefs
    Here’s Homaro Cantu on Good Morning AmericaThe miracle berry gets its closeup.
  26. Chefs
    Chefs On The Move! Restaurants Opening and Closing! & More!Things happen.
  27. Chefs
    Matt Kirkley of L2O Has a Great Noodle Find, But It’ll Cost YaKirkley, Matt Kirkley.
  28. Chefs
    Want to Know More About Radler and D.A.S.? Ask Baconfest.More on Radler and D.A.S.
  29. Chefs
    Dirk Flanigan Departs The Gage and Henri For New Venture of His OwnDirk Flanigan is going out on his own.
  30. Chefs
    Todd Stein Leaving Piccolo Sogno Due, Returning to Atlanta FirmTodd Stein is leaving the building.
  31. Chefs
    Patricia Yeo Joining Big Bowl And New Asian Barbecue ConceptPatricia Yeo joining Lettuce corporate.
  32. Chefs
    The Reader on The Year in Weird IngredientsLooking back at cooking with whale vomit and corn fungus.
  33. Chefs
    Scott Walton Leaving Markethouse For Unnamed Project to Open in SpringMarketHouse chef moving on.
  34. Chefs
    The Case of the Mysterious $250 Beverly Kim Dinner That Never WasHow a pop up dinner blew up.
  35. Chefs
    Hijinks Ensue at Trotter AuctionCharlie Trotter’s auction was a contentious business.
  36. Chefs
    On His Way Out, Charlie Trotter Lets Door Hit Mark CaroOne last tempest in Trotterville.
  37. Chefs
    Things Change. Here’s What Changing at Favorite Restaurants Like EL, Vera, SepiaHow favorite restaurants are always tweaking.
  38. Chefs
    Improbable Combinations We Can’t Wait For: Andrew Brochu and UbersteinAndrew Brochu is coming back… to Wicker Park.
  39. Chefs
    Heather Terhune Does December Wrap at Falafill to Benefit Purple AsparagusHeather Terhune does charity wrap for Purple Asparagus.
  40. Chefs
    Is Rick Tramonto Planning Something in Chicago? Maybe Kinda Not Really Yet.Rock Tramonto has Chicago on his mind again.
  41. Burn Sauce
    Weak Sauce: Restaurant Critics Endure Fairly Boring Death Threats“Fieri dumped a 500-seat tourist shakedown apparatus in the middle of Times Square.”
  42. Chefs
    Christian Fantoni Joins Phil Stefani’s 437 Rush as ChefChistian Fantoni joins 437 Rush.
  43. Damage Report
    Coping When They Should Be Cooking: The Impressive Resolve of New York’sEven in the most dire of circumstances, New York’s chefs have a workmanlike approach to getting back on their feet.
  44. Chefs
    Want To Eat at Moto? Eat at iNG.Win dinner at Moto by dining at iNG.
  45. Chefs
    Dying To Hear About The Pump Room? Well, You’re Going To Anyway.Jean-Georges Vongerichten talks about the Pump Room. Twice so far.
  46. Chefs
    Running With Chef’s Knives: Read Homaro Cantu’s Life Story on FacebookHomaro Cantu’s life story is spilling out on Facebook.
  47. Chefs
    Erling Wu-Bower Talks Life At the Head of AvecErling Wu-Bower talks his new gig at Avec.
  48. Chefs
    Try Nightwood’s Mathew Rice’s New Gelato. In St. Louis.How a Chicago pastry chef created a new gelato bar in St. Louis.
  49. Chefs
    Chefswapping: Kendal Duque Out, Jackie Shen In, John Caputo Takes OverKendal Duque out at City Tavern and Chicago Firehouse.
  50. Chefs
    Paris Club Picks Alex Ageneau as New ChefNew chef for Paris Club.
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