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  1. business
    He’s a Navy SEAL Who Makes Precision Lasers. Why Did He Just Buy Ample Hills?“We’re not here to spin anything, except ice cream.”
  2. the top line
    Peter Luger Steak House Was Always BadEven cookie-cutter corporate competitors deliver more consistent food and better experience. Which is precisely why the hype has never made any sense.
  3. buyer's market
    How Tax Policy Gave Us White ClawVodka soda is the chicken breast of alcoholic beverages. Why did it take so long to make something like it available in a can?
  4. the chain gang
    Why Starbucks Is Changing Its Reward Program, AgainThat free triple venti hazelnut soy latte with whipped cream just got a little tougher to earn.
  5. debit or credit
    More Restaurants and Cafés Refuse to Accept Cash — That’s Not a Good Thing“Just because you don’t have a piece of plastic, you can’t get a sandwich?”
  6. candy hearts
    America’s Worst Candy Has Been Saved From ExtinctionNecco — and its strange, unappealing little candy wafers — will live on, thanks to a new owner.
  7. the scoop
    The Cold, Hard Reality of Running a Celebrated Ice-Cream Shop“If anyone has a fantasy about it, they’re not aware of what it takes to do it.”
  8. burning questions
    Has a Trump Slump Set in for New York’s Restaurant Customers?“There’s no question that consumer confidence has been lost by the political situation.”
  9. business
    Why Did a Midwestern Grocery Chain Buy New York’s Most Extravagant Cheese Shop?A sale to Kroger is a big boon for the owners of Murray’s Cheese — but what does it mean for New York’s cheese lovers?
  10. Business
    Chobani Employees Rewarded for Loyalty, Given Ownership StakeSome workers stand to make over $1 million.
  11. Wage Wars
    Why New York’s Restaurants Are About to Get a Lot More Expensive“There’s something bubbling as people think about how to move forward … “
  12. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Sales Are Up for the First Time in YearsCredit goes to the introduction of all-day breakfast.
  13. Big Deals
    World’s Two Biggest Beer-Makers Agree to Become Single Beer-MakingThe maker of Budweiser will take over the maker of Miller, and soon all our beer will be the same.
  14. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Business Drops Off Yet AgainMore bad news for the flailing chain.
  15. Money Money Money
    Five Things You Never Knew About Goya FoodsEva Longoria hangs in the company’s lobby.
  16. Business
    Tough Times for Bill Kurtis’ Tallgrass BeefBill Kurtis’ Tallgrass Beef in the weeds.
  17. Business
    Open Table: Threat or Menace?Trib casts a gimlet eye on Open Table.
  18. Business
    What’s The Most Insanely Profitable 4-Hours-a-Day Food Business In Chicago?Why doughnuts make big money.
  19. Business
    Fortune Fish Acquires Specialty Distributor JDY Gourmet, Launch Fortune GourmetLocal jamon iberico wrangler teams up with fishmongering giant.
  20. Business
    Look Inside Wirtz Beverages’ In-House Mixology LabInside Wirtz’s war room The Alchemy Room.
  21. Business
    Bayless, Other Restaurant Owners Say NATO Was Bad For BusinessRestaurant owners find NATO a bummer for business.
  22. Mediavore
    City Agencies Work Hard to Crush the Spirit of Budding Food Entrepreneurs;Plus: Vegetarians not averse to gluten should consider it as a source of protein; and Coca-Cola brings back its polar bears, all in our morning news roundup.