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  1. burns
    Reminder: Do Not Mess With the Joy of CookingIf you do the Joy team wrong, they will cut you deep.
  2. Critic Calls New D.C. Nobu ‘the Most Pretentious Restaurant in Washington’“The specialty of the house … is called obnoxious.”
  3. Lawsuits
    Woman Sues In-N-Out for Scarring Her Legs With Hot CoffeeShe says that instead of calling 911, employees asked her to pull out of the drive-through.
  4. Lawsuits
    Today in Restaurant MaimingTwo restaurant patrons receive cash for being injured by food.
  5. burns
    Chef Blasts Gordon Ramsay’s War on Cocaine As ‘Out of Date’ and ‘Laughable’“He’s become a caricature for all we’re trying to get away from.”