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  1. Burgers
    10 Things We Learned From Yesterday’s Burger BrawlBurgers portioned for mere mortals, house-ground beef blends, and a move away from brioche buns were just a few of the things we noticed.
  2. Giveaways
    Win a Pair of Tickets to Sunday’s Burger Brawl IIIMore than 20 of the city’s top burger flippers and chefs are on board for the cook off.
  3. Truckin’
    New Burger Pod From Off the Grid Launches Downtown TodayA different food truck will appear there each weekday.
  4. Crime Scenes
    More Than $100K in Frozen Beef Stolen in New Jersey Hamburger HeistUnless these guys are planning a colossal cookout, they’re going to have a tough time unloading the purloined patties.
  5. The Chain Gang
    Smashburger Coming to Potrero Safeway Plaza, Also Mill ValleyThe Denver-based company is on an aggressive growth track.
  6. Burgers
    Critical Burger Correction: BiergartenThey’re only available on Wednesdays.
  7. Burgers
    Umami Burger Expansion Plans Include a Location For PhillyThe West Coast export will be the latest burger chain to crash the city’s raging all-beef-blowout.
  8. Burgers
    They’re Doing Burgers at Biergarten NowThat’s in addition to the usual sausages.
  9. Openings
    Zinburger Wine & Burger Bar Crashing Cherry Hill’s Burger BlowoutThe upscale wine and burgers bar is bringing its game to a crowded hamburger field.
  10. Mikey Likes It
    Michael Bauer Adores the Burger at Hog & RocksBauer gives Robin Song’s burger a stamp of approval.
  11. Actually Pretty Awesome
    Actually Pretty Awesome: The Trick Dog at Trick DogIt’s in the shape of a hot dog, you see.
  12. Empire Building
    Chris Kronner Planning Second KronnerBurger in OaklandHe’ll only say that, like the pop-up at Bruno’s, it will be within another business.
  13. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Hudson Common, Bringing Burgers and Bloody Mary Bacon Duck FatPlus: Peanut Butter BBQ Ribs and sixteen beers on tap.
  14. Openings
    First Look at Clarke’s Standard, Midtown East’s New Burger JointOne black-and-white milkshake, please.
  15. Coming Soon
    Spike Mendelsohn Confirms Good Stuff Eatery Is Coming to RittenhouseThere’s no word yet on when the burger joint will open.
  16. Menu Changes
    Fountain Porter Begins Serving Burgers This WeekendOwner Evan Clancy promises the $5 burgers will not come topped with fried eggs or foie gras.
  17. Empire Building
    Shake Shack Pushing West With a Second LocationThe second Philly outpost is going in near Drexel.
  18. Empire Building
    Two or Three More Umami Burgers on the Way, and Owner Plots Casual Asian ChainThe Oakland location, which has been delayed, is opening in May.
  19. Well Done
    Donovan’s in Woodside Has New Owners, Will Remain OpenThe burgers will keep on coming.
  20. Openings
    V2 Burger Opens in Visitacion Valley, Complete With African FriesIt’s way out there.
  21. Previews
    Burger Park Coming to Oakland’s Glenview
  22. Marketing Gimmicks
    Umami Burger Unveils an End of the World BurgerIt’s got Mayan/Mexican stuff on it like mole and cilantro.
  23. Top Chef Alumni Newsletter
    Spike Mendelsohn Looking For a Place In Philly to Hang His FedorkaIt’s not the first time we’ve heard the Top Chef’testant was looking for a restaurant space here.
  24. Nonstaurants
    Late-Night Pork Burger Pop-Up Arrives at Beast & the Hare This WeekendThe burgers are all made with ground pork belly.
  25. Burgers
    Zain’s Burgers Heading to DowntownIt’s coming to 100 First Street.
  26. Burgers
    Epic Burger Pauses to Digest, Aims To Grow Next YearEpic Burger to grow slowly.
  27. Burgers
    Yards Hosts Pre-Thanksgiving Burger BlowoutDevouring all 12 burgers on offer is sure fire way to get your gut properly primed for Thanksgiving excess.
  28. Burgers
    Chris Kronner to Launch KronnerBurger November 25; Will Open One or TwoIt will start with a semi-permanent residency next door to Bruno’s, and move hopefully to one or two permanent spots soon.
  29. Grub Guide
    Where to Go Gobbling Ahead of ThanksgivingThese six dishes are bound to put you in the mood for your turkey day spread.
  30. Burgers
    SoCal’s Eureka! Burger Moves In to Downtown BerkeleyThey’re coming to Center Street, in the former Peking Express.
  31. Foodievents
    2012 Blue Moon Burger Bash: Rachael Ray and Some Big-Name WinnersScope the burger action in our slideshow.
  32. Burgers
    Say It Ain’t So: Pub & Kitchen Eighty-Sixes the Churchill BurgerSay so long to the marrow-slathered, custom blend burger.
  33. The Chain Gang
    Sonic Says Staten Island ‘Is Being Considered for Development’Super, Sonic.
  34. Other Cities
    Burgers Are Really Huge in Paris Right Now
  35. Burgers
    Benders Gets on the Doughnut Burger BandwagonIt’s like Straw’s version, but with a sugared doughnut.
  36. Openings
    What to Eat at LT Burger, Opening Early Next Week Near Bryant ParkLaurent Tourondel brings his Sag Harbor concept to NYC.
  37. Empire Building
    Acme Burgerhaus Opening Tenderloin Location This FallIt’s a second location for the Divis burger spot.
  38. Whoppers for All
    Baghdad Burgers: Fast Food Gaining Popularity in IraqLook out for Burger Friends, Pizza Boat, and something called KFG.
  39. Menu Changes
    All-Beef Bummer: Pub & Kitchen Putting Its Churchill Burger Out to PastureLong live the Churchill.
  40. Burgers
    Chef Chris Kronner Returns to Bar Tartine Tonight With His Bone Marrow BurgerThe man behind version 2.0 of the restaurant is back for one night only.
  41. Coming Soon
    Burger Dive, From the Papagayo Team, Plans Mid-September OpeningYou’ll get buns hon!
  42. Lists
    Burger Porn!Including burgers of the tuna and lamb varieties.
  43. Burgers
    Barra Bakes a Better BurgerThis may be something you may not want to snooze on.
  44. Empire Building
    You Can Now Get Super Duper at the MetreonIt’s their fourth S.F. location.
  45. Enhancements
    Grass Fed: Now With TakeoutTake your oyster-topped burger home with you.
  46. Delivery Brigade
    Get In-N-Out Delivered to Your Door in Under an Hour! (… In San Francisco)Excellent news for the lazy and non-Fisherman’s-Wharf-adjacent.
  47. Closings
    Woodside Bar Donovan’s May Close Within the YearA famous burger may soon disappear from our city.
  48. Name Game
    Marc Vetri Needs a Name For His Big-Ass BurgerThink you’ve got a good name? Lay it on them.
  49. Meaty Affairs
    Gobble Ye Burgers While Ye May — They’re About to Get More ExpensiveAlong with other meats, too — better stock up!
  50. Lists
    Our Top Five Favorite Burgers in San Francisco (Right Now)We whittled down to a list of the 50 best, now we rank our top picks among those.
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