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Burger Wars

  1. Burger Wars
    Chipotle Goes Right After Shake Shack With Plans for Its Own Burger ChainGot to make up for that estimated $62 million in free burritos somehow.
  2. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Effectively Shamed Into Massive Charity DonationFeeling heat from Burger King, it’s making a multi-million-dollar ad contribution to the U.N.
  3. Burger Wars
    Burger King Agrees to Go Through With Its ‘Peace Burger’The comically large list of contributors includes Denny’s and a chain called Giraffas.
  4. Burger Wars
    Burger King’s Ill-Fated Collaboration Idea Is Getting Co-optedAnyone up for a Denny’s “Whoppaslam” or Krystal “Tiny King” slider?
  5. Burger Wars
    McDonald’s Immediately Shoots Down Burger King Collab Idea in Least FunThe Golden Arches clearly want no part in this “McWhopper” nonsense.