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Bulletproof Coffee

  1. past its prime
    Whole Foods Promises Shelf Space to Bulletproof’s New Bottled Butter CoffeeYour favorite “brain-octane” drink now comes in 12-ounce cartons of cold brew.
  2. Oil And Water
    The Newest Health Fad: Fat-Infused WaterFrom the creator behind Bulletproof butter coffee, of course.
  3. Fads
    Bulletproof Coffee Somehow Raised $9 Million in FundingAren’t people over butter in their coffee?
  4. Empire Building
    Get Ready for Entire Shops Dedicated to the Bulletproof Coffee CrazeDon’t even think of asking for a nonfat regular.
  5. Wake And Bake
    Genius Barista Concocts Marijuana Coffee“Lucky for us, local law enforcement has been chill on the issue thus far.”
  6. Nettles
    Shailene Woodley Sings Praises of Bulletproof CoffeeShe uses coconut oil in hers.