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Bubble Tea

  1. environmental concerns
    The Plastic Straw–pocalypse Is Coming. What Will it Mean for Boba?With straw bans looming, bubble-tea vendors will become environmental pioneers.
  2. primer
    10 Iconic Taiwanese Dishes and Where to Find Them in New YorkThe lowdown on stinky tofu, popcorn chicken, fly’s heads, gua bao, ba-wan, and more.
  3. food media
    New York Times Responds to Backlash Over Clueless Bubble-Tea ArticleThe paper addressed complaints from readers about the tone and substance of the coverage.
  4. Openings
    Here’s the Varsity-Level Bubble Tea That’s Earned a Cult FollowingBoba Guys, now open on the Lower East Side, prides itself on using all-natural ingredients.
  5. Bad News
    Noooo: Bubble Tea Might Cause CancerOur college self is keening.
  6. Trimmings
    Yes, Let’s Do Chew Some Gummi BubblesOne good bubble-tea sign deserves another.
  7. Openings
    Eton Opens Second Café, Serving Year-round Shave IcePlus, sixteen varieties of bubble tea and dumplings to go.
  8. Openings
    Quickly Opens New Location Serving Squid Balls in a BagPlus bubble teas, slushes, and fried chicken bits.