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Brussels Sprouts

  1. the underground gourmet quick bite
    Enrique Olvera Debuts First-Ever NYC Tacos at Atla, and They’re Pure DynamiteThe secret ingredient in the Brussels-sprouts taco is … peanut butter?
  2. Cruciferous Sisyphus
    Man Decides to Push Brussels Sprouts Up Mountain With His NoseIt’s for charity.
  3. It Burns
    Hot and Spicy Soup Burned a Hole Through a Man’s StomachYour move, egg drop and wonton.
  4. Warning Labels
    Man Hospitalized After Eating Too Many Brussels SproutsThis Christmas, OD on holiday ham.
  5. In Season
    In Season: Brussels-Sprout Salad With Crispy Bacon and Buttermilk DressingFrost is to sprouts as sunshine is to tomatoes.