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  1. Brownies
    Back to Brownies: A New Look At an Old FavoriteA baker’s dozen of New York’s newest models, with a handy Fudgeometer gauge.
  2. Brownie Points
    The Nature Theater of Oklahoma Scores Brownie Points With AudienceIt’s like dinner theater.
  3. Studies
    Study Confirms That Organic-Food Lovers Are Self-Righteous JerksBut brownies make you nicer.
  4. What to Eat
    Bacon Bits: New Bacon Brownies and Maple-Bacon CoffeePlus, a cocktail with a bacon rim.
  5. At the Market
    Greenhouse Rhubarb and Spring Garlic Give a Taste of the GreenmarketLent, which began last Wednesday, owes its name to the Germanic root for spring. Though local peas and asparagus are at least 40 days off, other signs of spring are sprouting.