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  1. Bros
    Graydon Carter Indebted to Ken Friedman, Damon Wise Opening Own RestaurantThe restaurant won some stars, but is it in the safety zone?
  2. Bros!
    Here Is How You ’Cado Your BroIt’s like the vegivore version of icing your bro.
  3. Video Feed
    The Most Bro-tastic Moments From Matthew McConaughey’s Appearance onThey were pretty bro-y!
  4. Food TV
    Yep, That’s Matthew McConaughey Rubbing Guy Fieri’s BellyMatthew McConaughey will appear on a very special episode of ‘Guy’s Big Bite.’ And it looks like he’ll keep his shirt on the whole time.
  5. Booze News
    Four Loko to America: Fine, We’ll Take the Caffeine Out. Happy Now?Bro, seriously, bro. Don’t take my Four Loko, bro.
  6. Bookshelf
    The Whole Dude-Food Thing Is Getting to Be a Little NutsIntroducing the “Quesa-diddle-ya” and the “Sex Crazy Mofo Tofu Scramble.”
  7. Martignetti Madness
    Pressing Concerns: ‘Is Martignetti’s Ousting the Bro?’Members of a new ‘brocial networking’ site are worried about Anthony Martignetti’s Trinity/Middlebury ban.
  8. Brocabulary
    Grub Street Editor Daniel Maurer’s ‘Brocabulary’ Pubs TodayWords you can use next time you’re at an impresstaurant and you bust out your shred-it card (a credit card that will likely be shredded by the maître d’ when it fails to cover the chef’s tasting).