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Brocabulary: The New Man I Festo Of Dude Talk

  1. Brocabulary
    More Douchebauchery?Daily Intel might be sick of the whole bro thing, but the guys at Lil’ Frankie’s sure aren’t.
  2. Brocabulary
    Grub Street Editor Daniel Maurer’s ‘Brocabulary’ Pubs TodayWords you can use next time you’re at an impresstaurant and you bust out your shred-it card (a credit card that will likely be shredded by the maître d’ when it fails to cover the chef’s tasting).
  3. NewsFeed
    Maxim Prime to Contain First-Ever Tequila Sommelier?The Times today confirms that this summer Jeffrey Chodorow will open a steakhouse, Center Cut, in the Empire Hotel and — the real horror show — a Maxim-magazine-branded steakhouse to replace Ono in the Gansevoort Hotel in late March. Will it be a “breastaurant” combining boob tubes and tube tops à la Hooters, or will Chodorow go for something a tad bit more refined? Below, our predictions for the experience.