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Bright Young Things

  1. Awards
    James Syhabout Believes in Always Being a CommisThe one-time ‘Chron’ Rising Star chef receives his first major national magazine recognition.
  2. Bright Young Things
    Is Your Favorite Chef One of the 40 Under 40?Mother Nature Network follows up its popular “hot farmers” list.
  3. Bright Young Things
    Commis Set to Take Over the East BayWhile not a hit with the Chronicle’s critic, Commis is making waves outside the Bay Area.
  4. Bright Young Things
    Who’s the Hottest Farmer of Them All?Vote for your favorite hot farmer on the Huffington Post.
  5. Bright Young Things
    America’s Hottest Young Farmers, Readers’ Choice EditionMother Nature Network asks its readers to nominate forty young farmers.
  6. Bright Young Things
    Hot Young Farmers Cultivate Vegetables, FollowingsThe next wave of farmers is savvy, urbane, and progressive.
  7. Bright Young Things
    Nate Appleman on Meatballs, Foam, and Why San Francisco Isn’t New YorkThe Rising Star of 2009 talks tripe and speaks out against burgers with arugula.