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  1. Cool
    Kirin’s Frozen Foam Beer Looks a Lot Like Soft-ServeShhh, don’t tell your kids.
  2. What to Drink
    David Burke’s BBQ Peach Sam Adams Beer to Drop This WeekYou’ll be able to drink the “spicy,” “floral” suds at all four of the chef’s New York restaurants.
  3. Booze News
    There Are Fish Bladders Lurking in Your Wine (and Beer)Vegans, better put down that glass of vino.
  4. Brews News
    PBR Goes for $250 MillionFood investor C. Dean Metropoulos gets the prized beer company.
  5. Brew News
    PBR Is Now a Luxury Beer, Sort OfIt’s more expensive than other crap beers!