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Brent Bolthouse

  1. Douchetinations
    Fairmont Hotel Opening The Bungalow in JulyThis contrived surf shack for private parties will feature a menu from the hotel’s standout restaurant, Fig.
  2. TV Land
    Where Vinny Chase Might Be Eating This SeasonSome predictions on which L.A. restaurants are hot (or lame) enough to make it into Entourage this year.
  3. Reopenings
    A Look at Issac Rivera’s New Menu at Il SoleBrent Bolthouse’s new restaurant venture is now open in West Hollywood.
  4. Neighborhood Watch
    Brent Bolthouse ReOpening Il Sole; Mas Malo Cracks Its Tequila VaultMas Malo remixes Nic’s VodBox with tequila, while another celebrity DJ thinks they can run a restaurant.
  5. Why Did Bolthouse Bolt?
    Did Bolthouse Bail SBE When Foxtail Flopped?Brent Bolthouse explains his decision to start a solo career.
  6. Nightlife
    Bolthouse and Starkman Team Up On Trousdale, Open TuesdaySBE’s former mega-promoter promises his club is this generation’s Hyde.
  7. Mediavore
    Brent Bolthouse Planning WeHo Lounge; Umami Burger Making Its Own SauceA new burger chain is working on its first product and a former club promoter is turning club owner.
  8. Nightlife
    Bolthouse Named Publisher of 944 L.A.A name DJ and Hollywood mega promoter gets a new job running a magazine.
  9. Nightlife
    D.J. Brent Botlhouse Bolts from SBEL.A.’s superstar D.J. parts ways with his longtime associate.