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  1. the chain gang
    Pro-Family Chick-fil-A Ejects Diner for Breastfeeding Her BabyThe owner has since apologized “for the way I handled the situation.”
  2. Controversies
    Out-of-Touch Restaurant Owner Compares Breast-feeding Customers to ToplessHe’s since apologized, and says he meant the comment “lightheartedly.”
  3. Amen
    Brooklyn Biergarten Proudly Becomes a ‘Breastfeeding Safe Zone’Black Forest Brooklyn is part of a larger movement to eradicate the taboo.
  4. Bad Signs
    A Café Unwisely Told Moms to Go Breast-feed in the BathroomIt said it had “a chair nearby which can be taken inside” for convenience.
  5. Video Feed
    A Deli Employee Got Fired for Allegedly Taking Pictures of a Breastfeeding Mom“I got sweaty, I was so mad, but I didn’t know how to confront him.”
  6. Controversy
    Restaurant Kicks Out Breastfeeding Mom — But Not for the Reason You Think“I had a beer and a shot of Fireball in front of me, but that was for after I was done.”
  7. TV Land
    Breast-feeding Reality Show in the WorksWe guess they’ve run out of other things to do on TV with boobs.
  8. Mediavore
    El Wingador Hangs It Up; Seattle Hippies Welcome Free ForagingPlus: North Korea is in need of food, again; and Beyonce spotted breastfeeding in New York, all in our morning news roundup.
  9. Studies
    Americans Don’t Breast-feed Long Enough, But the Brits: Too Long!Two new studies have some conflicting viewpoints.
  10. Mediavore
    Kardashian Bothered By Public Breastfeeding; Food Trucks Arrive At DisneylandThe socialite reality-show star Tweets about her disgust and California Adventure hosts mobile restaurants through August.
  11. Off the Menu
    Klee’s Daniel Angerer Invites You to Taste His Wife’s Breast-MilkPlus, a restaurateur rejected from a trade show because she was with her baby?
  12. Cupmudgeonism
    DD CupcakesA taste test pits breast-milk cupcakes against the regular variety.
  13. Controversy
    Naked BrunchThe newest Park Slope blog’s “Breeder vs. Baller” column is tackling that old chestnut, public breast-feeding.