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  1. sexual harassment
    Twin Peaks Breastaurant Chain Accused of ‘Systemic’ Sexual HarassmentServers claim they had to change in full view of staff, and even got cited by police for indecent exposure.
  2. the chain gang
    Hooters Thinks Home Delivery Might Make Its Brand Less ‘Polarizing’No, a Hooters Girl won’t be bringing you your food.
  3. empire building
    Military-Themed Breastaurant Chain Will Invade America With 100 More LocationsBombshells thinks 2017 needs more scantily clad waitresses in ammo belts.
  4. Breastaurants
    World’s Most Depressing Taco Shop Forces Waitresses to Wear Lingerie onPlease never go to this restaurant.
  5. Empire Building
    America’s Fastest-Growing Restaurant Chain Is a Breastaurant Called TwinFounding motto: “Hooters just wasn’t racy enough.”
  6. Complaints
    Ex-Employee Accuses Hooters of Racial DiscriminationFarryn Johnson says her hair coloring landed her in trouble.
  7. Video Feed
    MTV’s Breastaurant-Themed Big Tips Texas Shouldn’t Exist,Watch two whole episodes online, if that’s your thing.
  8. The Chain Gang
    Hooters Bans Gropey San Diego MayorBob Filner isn’t welcome in at least one of the breastaurant’s locations.
  9. Breastaurants
    Tilted Kilt Pubs, the Tartan-Plaid Version of Hooters, Coming to the Bay AreaIt’s a pub chain ‘of perverted Scottish origins.’
  10. Breastaurants
    Spearmint Rhino Breaks Into The Bar & Grill BusinessIt’s new Downtown venture allows the curious to tell co-workers, “I only go to that topless club for the food.”
  11. Racistaurants
    Yet Another Racist Receipt Issued to a Chain-Restaurant Customer, This Time atThe latest in a series of racist receipts.
  12. Boob Food
    Hooters Nips It in the BudCompetition, that is.
  13. Mysteries
    Is Bud’s Ale House in Astoria Secretly a New Hooters?Evidence suggests the purported microbrewery is probably another macro-boobery.
  14. Boob Food
    The ‘Breastaurant’ Biz Is Perkier Than EverWatermelons and cantaloupes.
  15. Openings
    Tilted Kilt Gets Ready to Bust Out in King of PrussiaThought to be sagging, the opening shows breastaurants are still prime for perky business.
  16. Classy
    Cop Getz Punched at CanzHope the waitresses played nurse.
  17. Breastaurants
    Penthouse Club Location Revealed, And It’s In North BeachThey’re taking the former Showgirls space.
  18. Beef
    Canz Letz Itz Girlz Be FreeUnlike Hooters, which is, like, such a drag, you know?
  19. Down The Shore
    Tropicana to Tramp Up Its Female DealersTropicana is the latest casino in Atlantic City to tart up its female staff.
  20. Trends
    Don’t You Worry, Breastaurants Are Keeping It ClassyPlus, how do you pay tribute to a groom who met his wife at Hooters?
  21. The Chain Gang
    Hooters May Come to BrooklynIt’s not just a silly rumor anymore.
  22. Breastaurants
    Ridiculous Rumor: Is Hooters Landing in Brooklyn Heights?If it happens, how will Hooters appease the New Brooklyn Cuisine crowd?