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Breaking Bad

  1. lawsuits
    Sony Sues Brewery Over Breaking Bad Beer — Even Though They Seem to Love ItThe show’s production company supposedly praised it in 2015.
  2. pop-ups
    Albuquerque Gets an IRL Los Pollos Hermanos for Breaking Bad’s AnniversaryThe original Twisters location is putting all of the trappings back up.
  3. Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos Is Coming to Life in New York City▶️ We’re assured these will be crime-free establishments.
  4. Tie-Ins
    Istanbul Has a Breaking Bad Café and We Don’tThe concept was originally supposed to open in Brooklyn.
  5. News You Can Booze
    Now There’s an Official Breaking Bad VodkaA great way to get your Heisenberg fix.
  6. Tie-Ins
    Breaking Bad’s Los Pollos Hermanos Might Become a Real RestaurantCreator Vince Gilligan and Sony want to make it happen.
  7. Food Art
    This? Just an Excellent Walter White Portrait Made With Ketchup“Heinz-enberg.”
  8. Breaking-Bon
    Cinnabon of Omaha Runs With Breaking Bad Gag LineSaul Goodman has been learning how to use the bun warmer.
  9. The Cook
    Baking Bad: 14 Over-the-Top and Funny Breaking Bad Finale CakesThe party’s over.
  10. Spoiler Alert
    That Breaking Bad Cameo Didn’t Help Dimple Pinch SalesClerks around the country tell Grub Street that sales have increased … not at all since Sunday’s penultimate ‘Breaking Bad’ episode.
  11. Full Fring
    Here’s Your Chance to Keep Los Pollos Hermanos in BusinessNot included: the secret recipe of herbs and spices.
  12. Blue Like Meth
    Breaking Bad Cupcakes Upset Glasgow ResidentsA cupcake maker is being criticized for “glamorising” drug use.
  13. Heisenberg Was Here
    Turns Out Breaking Bad Has Been Wonderful for Albuquerque’s FoodThe blue-meth doughnuts are a must.
  14. Mixocalypse
    Building a Better Breaking Bad CocktailThe Avalon Hotel has a new menu of Emmy-inspired cocktails. We think we can do better than the “Blue Crystal.”
  15. FYI
    No It’s Not Breaking Bad, It’s Alla SpinaThe dinner, which sold out almost immediately, previewed dishes to be featured on the Alla Spina menu.