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  1. the year i ate new york
    Can New York’s Hotels Make Breakfast Important Again?Our late-rising diner-at-large gets up for some new spreads.
  2. the underground gourmet
    An L.A. Chef Comes to New York Bearing PancakesBreakfast by Salt’s Cure’s Chris Phelps has been making his signature dish since he was 2.
  3. the simple life
    Why Were 17,000 People on a Wait List for This Granola?A cereal that never goes out of style but is somehow always coming into fashion.
  4. food we miss
    Diner Breakfast Is the Perfect Meal to Dream About Right NowIt’s unfussy, it’s delicious, and it’s impossible to make at home.
  5. grub guides
    These Are the City’s Most Thrilling New Breakfast SandwichesStart your day right.
  6. the dish
    This Vegan-Egg Sandwich Is Almost As Satisfying As a Bodega BECThe Miles sandwich at Orchard Grocer is pretty close to what you’d find in the breakfast classic.
  7. meat alternatives
    Is NYC Ready for ‘Plant-Based’ Breakfast Sandwiches?Dunkin’ and Beyond Meat certainly think so.
  8. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Pancakes in New YorkFrom almond to einkorn.
  9. openings
    At David Chang’s New Bāng Bar, They’re Carving Mortadella Off the SpitIt’s Momofuku’s take on mall food, featuring freshly made flatbread, doner-kebab-inspired meats, and even cinnamon buns.
  10. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With Breakfast SandwichesBacon, egg, cheese, and some lovely white wine.
  11. original video
    Which Breakfast Is Better: Newfangled Acai Bowls, or Classic Eggs and Bacon?It’s time for an early-morning showdown.
  12. grub guides
    The Grub Street Guide to New York’s Flourishing Breakfast SceneNoodles, omelettes, enchiladas, and so much more.
  13. the dish
    Breakfast at the Newest Smile to Go Includes These Serious Moroccan PancakesMade with yeasted semolina batter and topped with seasonal-fruit compote, housemade ricotta, and pistachio honey, they aren’t your everyday flapjacks.
  14. breakfast
    Dippin’ Dots Cereal Should Be the Pinnacle of Human Achievement. It Isn’t.There appears to be no liquid nitrogen involved.
  15. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Egg Sandwich in New YorkThe very best breakfast sandwiches are much more than the sum of their parts.
  16. wine pairing of the week
    How to Pair Wine With BreakfastThis is how you want to start the day.
  17. the dish
    Cervo’s New Brunch Menu Features a Standout Fisherman’s BreakfastConsider it an Iberian-accented take on New York Jewish appetizing.
  18. the chain gang
    Chick-fil-A Releases World’s Unhealthiest Breakfast BowlIt’s a pile of eggs, cheese, salsa, and chicken nuggets.
  19. bittman’s kitchen
    This Tropical Toast Is the Perfect Vegan Alternative to French ToastUpgrade regular French toast with a few simple ingredients.
  20. cheap eats 2017
    Think of Breakfast As the New Happy HourHow do you get celebrity chefs’ cooking at a discount? Wake up early and eat breakfast at one of their new casual, all-day canteens.
  21. The Absolute Best Breakfast in New YorkThese breakfasts have a whole lot more to offer than eggs and pancakes.
  22. openings
    Why Did New York’s Most Innovative Chef Swap Fine Dining for Doughnuts?At Du’s Donuts and Coffee, a modernist chef is focusing all of his creative energy on doughnuts that are both familiar and totally new.
  23. grub guides
    Breakfast Is Suddenly New York’s Most Exciting Meal of the DayDosas with fried eggs, next-level muffins, and biscuit burritos.
  24. Watch: You’re Guaranteed to Make the Best Waffles With Mark Bittman’s RecipeThey’re a major step up from their “just add water” counterparts.
  25. listen
    Is Breakfast in Danger of Becoming a Thing?What happens when the most important meal of the day also becomes the most Instagrammed?
  26. cheap eats 2016
    The Cheap Eat of the Year Is JianbingThe Chinese street-food breakfast has emerged as 2016’s microcraze.
  27. Food Fights
    New York Times Demands Sheeple Wake Up and Quit Worshipping BreakfastThe paper tries to argue the meal has “no mystical powers.”
  28. Come On
    Cheerios Blew It With This Shameless Prince TweetThere are ways to honor a legend without plugging your product.
  29. RIP
    Prince’s Love of BreakfastThe iconic musician died today at the age of 57.
  30. Grub Guides
    10 New Breakfast Dishes You’ll Really Want to Stop and EnjoyFrom Lilia, La Sirena, El Atoradero Brooklyn, Tekoá, and more.
  31. Breakfast Wishes
    China’s Answer to the Breakfast Sandwich Finally Arrives in New YorkBeijing’s perfect, obsessed-over street food could be making inroads here.
  32. Guides
    Adam Platt on the Best New Breakfasts in New York Right NowMorning meals that are as deliciously eclectic as anything you’ll find at lunch or dinner.
  33. Grub Guides
    Next-Level Breakfast: 14 Things That Will Make the Best Meal of the Day BetterAmazing jam, barrel-aged maple syrup, pork-jowl bacon, and lots more.
  34. Grub Guides
    16 Fresh New Brunch Spots to Try in New YorkDirt Candy, the Clocktower, Maman, and more.
  35. Grub Guides
    13 Compelling New Brunch Dishes That Go Way Beyond Eggs BenedictFried-oyster breakfast tacos, pork burgers, and paella.
  36. Rise and Shine
    A Full Look at Mission Cantina’s New Vietnamese BreakfastLamb pho, duck porridge, and broken rice.
  37. Man vs. Food
    Here’s an 8,000-Calorie Breakfast That Requires a Signed Waiver to EatCustomers “see it come out on the big platter all heaped high and start to cry.”
  38. Hangover Helper
    Black Seed Rolls Out Breakfast BagelsWith wood-fired baked eggs and Mile End bacon.
  39. The Most Important Meal
    Pok Pok Ny Begins Breakfast Service TodayExpect Stumptown coffee, grab-and-go food, and the full drink menu.
  40. Iceberg Wedges
    Check Out a Pretty-Great-Sounding Breakfast Menu From the TitanicCold-smoked herring and ox offal is a great way to start the day.
  41. The Other Critics
    The Other Critics: Pete Wells Tries Peter Chang’s Virginia Restaurants;Plus: Reviews of Ladurée Soho, Bunna Cafe, and more.
  42. Planned Service Changes
    Nightingale 9 Will Now Serve You Pho and Bánh Mì for BreakfastEverything’s available for takeout, too.
  43. Health
    Skipping Breakfast Is Even Worse for You Than You ThoughtIt can raise the risk of heart disease.
  44. Grub Guides
    Rise and Shine: 12 Next-Level Breakfast Items to Make Your Mornings BetterCrown Maple Syrup, GranolaLab, and more.
  45. Breakfast in Bed
    Kellogg’s Is Trying to Make Cereal Seem SexierThe company’s trying to market to adults.
  46. Cookbook
    How to Make Daniel Humm’s Elegant, Excellent Pear Coffee CakeCheck out the three-Michelin-starred chef’s recipe from his new cookbook.
  47. Breakfast
    Scream Sorbet Gets In on the East Bay Bagel Game
  48. Openings
    Ferrarini Brings Italian Charcuterie to its Beverly Hills CafeAfter a two-year wait, Beverly Hills has a new Italian deli.
  49. Top of the Morning
    Tertulia Adds Weekday Breakfast, With Help From Dominique AnselThe pastry chef is making a jamón-and-cheese-stuffed “croissant Ibérico.”
  50. Openings
    Get Your Carb-Based Breakfast at Biscuit Bender, Now Open at the Ferry BuildingIt’s run by the colorful, self-described “biscuit elf,” Van Dao.
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