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  1. making it
    How a Former Model Began Baking the Suburbs’ Most Mysterious SourdoughChase Fox Harnett started making bread Upstate after leaving the fashion industry. Now, he’s attempting to scale up his business, the Hudson Oven.
  2. the quarantine diet
    Comfort Me With BagelsHow our critic found solace at his neighborhood bakery.
  3. openings
    Mel Bakery Opens With Heirloom Grains and Fresh-Milled FlourThe new bakery from bread master Nora Allen opens this weekend on the Lower East Side.
  4. interviews
    I Turned My Quarantine Bread Into a Full-blown Bakery Business“I am in front of the oven for every baguette. I have to be really focused.”
  5. wild yeast
    Even in Paris, Homemade Sourdough Is InevitableWhy bake your own loaves when some of the best bread in the world is literally steps away?
  6. closings
    Tribeca’s Odd, Wonderful Arcade Bakery Is Set to CloseOwner Roger Gural is looking for a buyer.
  7. the dish
    At Last, an Artisanal Bread That Tastes Like Kasha VarnishkesThe Jewish soul-food staple was the inspiration for chef-baker Max Blachman-Gentile’s latest loaf.
  8. discoveries
    Archaeologists Discover World’s Stalest Piece of BreadTalk about ancient grains.
  9. opening
    First Look at Old Rose at the Jane Hotel From the Owners of the SmileIt’s a lighter, healthier approach to Italian food (and hotel restaurants).
  10. Here Is All the New Bread New Yorkers Need to Eat Right NowFrom Yemenite kubaneh to ramp focaccia.
  11. WATCH: Mark Bittman’s Be-All, End-All Banana-Bread RecipeThis will be the best banana bread you’ve ever had.
  12. video feed
    Here’s How You Bake Bread Using the Heat of a VolcanoStep 1: Go to Iceland.
  13. Pastry Chef Pam Yung Will Leave Celebrated Restaurant SemillaThe baker extraordinaire intends to take a little time off.
  14. science
    Scientists Now Believe ‘Starchy’ Is the 6th TasteIt joins the ranks of sweet, salty, sour, bitter, and umami.
  15. best of new york
    The Absolute Best Baguette in New YorkNo longer the floppy, enriched white loaves of yesteryear, baguettes are having a moment.
  16. For the Love of Carbs
    A Noma Founder Wants to Help You Make Better BreadMeyers Bageri is giving away free sourdough starters on weekends.
  17. Pop-Ups
    A Noma Founder Has Opened a Bakery Pop-up in WilliamsburgOn Saturdays, Claus Meyer makes rugbrød, Danishes, and cinnamon buns.
  18. Pop-Ups
    Inside Brooklyn Bread Lab, the Pop-up Flour Mill and BakeryWhole-grain breads, pastries, and Roman-style pizza al taglio.
  19. Rise and Shine
    Why This New $18 Plate of Bread Might Just Be Worth ItIt’s served with bone-marrow butter and fermented mozzarella.
  20. Recalls
    Great, Now We Can’t Even Count on Bread to Be SafeThe world’s largest baking company is recalling loaves because they might contain broken glass.
  21. Bragging Rights
    Inside the Official Competition to Determine the Best Baguette in ParisHundreds of bakers enter the Grand Prix de la Meilleure Baguette de Paris, but only one wins the right to deliver the president’s bread for the year.
  22. Empire Building
    How Bien Cuit Assembled a Roster of Fine-Dining Pastry All-StarsCooks have left jobs at the NoMad, Locanda Verde, and Daniel to work at the bakery.
  23. Lawsuits
    A New Lawsuit Claims Whole Foods’ ‘Store-Baked’ Bread IsAcme’s and Wegmans’s, too.
  24. Grub Guides
    10 Places to Snag Some Panettone, the Ultimate Last-Minute Holiday GiftIt looks as good as it tastes.
  25. the underground gourmet
    New York’s Best New Bakery Is Located in an Office-Building LobbyHow did a talented bread man end up opening a fantastic new bakery in the lobby of 40 Worth Street?
  26. Interviews
    Why Tartine Breadmaster Chad Robertson Is Going GlobalHe’s expanding.
  27. Road Trip
    This Upstate Bakery Is Essentially the Ideal Small-Town CafeIts growth has been slow and organic — just like its food.
  28. Carb Appeal
    Underground Gourmet: It’s Worth Paying for Excellent Restaurant BreadThere is plenty of spectacular restaurant bread for which people pay extra, and happily do so again and again.
  29. Sourdough
    More Sourdough: Roman’s Baker Expands She Wolf Bakery’s Retail ArmMore loaves to choose from, and more spots to pick them up.
  30. Bookshelf
    Hot Bread Kitchen Lands a Hot Cookbook DealGet ready to make some bialys. Lavash, too.
  31. Bread
    Moonstruck-Famous Cammareri Bros. Bakery Files for BankruptcyHopefully the bakery can snap out of it.
  32. Market Research
    Rye’s Rise: New Loaves That Are More Than a Vehicle for PastramiNew York is experiencing something of a rye revival.
  33. Closings
    Bien Cuit’s West Village Reopening Looking More DoubtfulThe bread is still baking in Brooklyn, however.
  34. Openings
    Maison Kayser Opening Flatiron Location July 17The Parisian superstar baker hopes to open even more U.S. outlets.
  35. Grub Guides
    Carb City: 13 New York Restaurants Serving Spectacular BreadLafayette and Carbone know exactly how you want to start your meal.
  36. On the Rise
    Finally, Le Bernardin Will Serve Non-Horrific BreadMaison Kayser will be on baguette duty from here on out.
  37. Crust Never Sleeps
    Fork Upgrades Its Prix Fixe Options with Seriously Heady BreadEli Kulp and his crew have added a course of rather unorthodox breads to Fork’s House Menu and Whole Animal dinners.
  38. Bread
    Hoagie Roll Maker D’Ambrosio’s Loss Is Wawa and Amoroso’s GainAs D’Ambrosio Bakery rolls into history, Wawa gives its competitor, Amoroso a huge boost.
  39. Urban Forager
    The Stollen Renaissance: New Takes on the Fruit-Studded, Sugar-Dusted ChristmasIf you think that they’re all the same, think again.
  40. Openings
    Famed Parisian Bakery, Maison Kayser, Rises in NYCFrancophiles are freaking out.
  41. Leftovers
    Techie Creperie Opens in Midtown; Dollar Empanadas at Havana CentralPlus, unlimited caviar and Champagne at FireBird; new farmstand for Staten Island, and more of today’s leftovers.
  42. Mediavore
    Acme Markets to Cut 800 More Jobs; Say Hello to South African Fried ChickenPlus: savoring every bite keeps French woman from getting fat; and people are still leery of genetically modified salmon, all in our morning news roundup.
  43. Foodie Kiddie
    Precocious British 3-Year-Old Makes Grocery Store Bow DownYoung Lily Robinson renames a loaf of bread, wins the hearts of thousands.
  44. What to Eat
    Sfoglia’s Cultishly Craved Bread Now Available to Take HomePhoebe Cates and others rave about it.
  45. Openings
    Alfama’s New Bread Kiosk Peddles Portuguese CarbsEast midtown gets a new bread shop.
  46. Foodievents
    Dock Street Finds a Pefect Partner in Metropolitan BakeryThe two local artisan teamed up for Philly Beer Week.
  47. Mediavore
    Big Easy Seafood Untarnished by Oil Slick; Gwyneth Paltrow Might Have Been aNew Orleans manages a fresh catch despite ocean disaster and a famous actress thinks she could have been a restaurateur.
  48. Empire Building
    Roberta’s Bread Oven Could Feed All of BrooklynThe restaurant’s bread oven, housed in a shipping container, is expected to churn out a thousand loaves a day.
  49. Game Changers
    Bleeding Heart Bakery Launches BreadA weekly artisan bread co-op takes up shop.
  50. Alternatives
    Last-Stop ShoppingPick up a loaf of bread on your way to eternity.
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