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  1. the feeding tube
    Teamsters ‘Paralyzed’ Padma Lakshmi With Fear During Top Chef: BostonThe show’s extremely Boston extortion trial is officially underway.
  2. the feeding tube
    Top Chef Will Decamp to Colorado for Season 15It will be the series’ first time in the Rockies.
  3. Feeding Tube
    Here’s the First Teaser for Tom Colicchio’s Best NewThe chef says he will “provide the chaos.”
  4. Interviews
    Tom Colicchio’s Next TV Show Will Be ‘Completely Different’“I’m laboring over this, because I want to get it right.”
  5. Interviews
    Gail Simmons on Parenting, Top Chef Duels, and Her Network-Spanning TV“I am systematically trying to get a show on every cable network in the universe.”
  6. The Feeding Tube
    Here’s a New Trailer for Top Chef DuelsThere sure are a lot of knives out in this one.
  7. The Feeding Tube
    Watch the Razor-Edged Trailer for Top Chef DuelsIt’s got a real heavy metal soundtrack to match.
  8. The Feeding Tube
    Top Chef Extreme Got a New, Far Less Extreme TitleIt will be called Top Chef Duels. Bravo also adds a show called Best New Restaurant to the slate.
  9. The Feeding Tube
    Spoiler Alert: Adweek Ruins Top Chef Product-Placement SurprisesThe show debuts its New Orleans-set season tonight.
  10. Tremendous Deals
    Grub Street and Top Chef’s Food Truck Is Now Serving Po’It’s lunchtime!
  11. Tremendous Deals
    Grub Street and Top Chef Are Giving Away Café Du Monde Beignets andGail Simmons is there!
  12. Food TV
    Anthony Bourdain and Top Chef Receive Emmy NodsWho ever thought he’d be in the same category as Ryan Seacrest?
  13. The Feeding Tube
    Food TV: Get Ready for Ramsay-Produced America’s Best RestaurantIt’s hard to imagine the French Laundry competing in this new Bravo show.
  14. I Can’t Take It Anymore
    Bravo Is Making an Eighties-Set ‘Cola Wars’ Period DramaBut seriously. Who will play Michael Jackson?
  15. Bravo
    Tom Prefers Gail’s Company, and Other Colicchio ColloquialTom talks.
  16. Overnights
    ‘Around the World in 80 Plates’ Recap: David Rees on the Premiere“What was billed as a celebration of international culinary traditions becomes instead an orgy of overclocked consumption.”
  17. Parties
    What Went Down at Chef’s Night OutAnd Andrew Zimmern on smooching Tyler Florence.
  18. Celebrity Settings
    Andy Cohen Once Operated a Pushcart, Waited Tables on Boylston StreetWhen he wasn’t partying at the Sunset Grill, that is.
  19. Look Who’s Popping Up
    What You Missed at Jen Carroll’s Pop-Up: Jon Gosselin and Spike MendelsohnWe heard the bass was, like, totally kick-ass.
  20. Memoirs
    Andy Cohen’s Teenage Years: Entenmann’s Pop’Ems and All MyDinner with the Cohens explains a lot.
  21. Food TV
    Bravo Divulges Why It’s Stalking Jen CarrollThe newly announced show will feature Carroll as well as other former cheftestants.
  22. Food TV
    Bravo Trails Jen Carroll For a New Top Chef SpinoffCrews have been spotted several times following the former chef-testant around town.
  23. Marketing Gimmicks
    Of Course Mayor Menino Wants Top Chef to Come to BostonMenino gamely lends his support to the Top Chef Twitter campaign.
  24. Food TV
    Amanda Rockman Experiences ‘Death by Funnel Cake’ on ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’The Bravo TV show aired last night.
  25. Top Chef
    Six Chicago Chefs to Compete on ‘Top Chef: Texas’Chicago is well represented this year.
  26. The Grub Street Diet
    Bravo’s Andy Cohen Counts His Nuts, Drinks Maker’s Mark and Ginger“Later at a photo shoot, I had ten almonds, five cashews, and a late lunch of grilled chicken, a mixed greens salad, and quinoa.”
  27. TV Land
    ‘Page Six’ Can’t Tell the Difference Between Curtis Stone andPlus: The Naked Chef educates Letterman in the ways of beaver anal gland.
  28. TV Land
    Bravo’s Next Move: ‘Hip-Hop Chef’ Roblé AliPlus, ‘Top Chef: Just Desserts’ will likely get another season.
  29. Celebrity Settings
    Millionaire Matchmaker Loses It at 40 CarrotsPatti Stanger was spotted “screaming like a crazy person” at Bloomingdale’s.
  30. Slideshow
    A Look at the Great Chefs Event Benefiting Alex’s Lemonade StandStars from Top Chef and Iron Chef worked side by side with local chefs.
  31. Empire Building
    Shake Shack Jersey Shore?The latest rumor has Shake Shack going to the Garden State.
  32. TV Land
    New Bravo Show Moves Rocco From Dunce’s Corner to Head of the TableThe former ‘Restaurant’ star gets a new show.
  33. Mediavore
    In-N-Out Not Going to NYC; Anthony Bourdain in O.C. Just A JokeApril Fool’s Day jokes about chefs and restaurants were picked up as news by other outlets yesterday.
  34. TV Land
    Donatella Arpaia’s Bravo Reality Show No Longer a RealityBut she’s working on something for another network.
  35. TV Land
    Bravo Serves Up Yet Another Cooking-Competition ShowThink of it as ‘Iron Chef’ meets ‘The Next Iron Chef’ meets ‘Top Chef’ meets ‘Top Chef Masters’ meets ‘Hell’s Kitchen’ meets ‘Throwdown’ meets ‘Chopped.’
  36. Marketing Gimmicks
    The World According to BravoThe network has teamed with FourSquare.
  37. T.V. Land
    Meet Chef’s Academy Stars Tomorrow at The GroveSuzanne and Leo will be at Sur la Table.
  38. TV Land
    Top Chef: Just Desserts Will Premiere Next YearThe latest member of the ‘Top Chef’ franchise.
  39. TV Land
    Top Chef Masters Will Be Back With Gail SimmonsPlus, a look at Food Network’s November lineup.
  40. Mediavore
    Obama to Weigh in on SF Health Care; Gourmet Employees Clear Out
  41. TV Land
    Amy Sacco Gets a Bravo Show, But What About Top Doorman?Think about it…
  42. TV Land
    Critics Cut Chopped to Pieces’Chopped isn’t a ripoff of Top Chef — it’s a cheap, maddening ripoff of Top Chef.’
  43. Top Chef
    More From Tom and Padma: Guest Judges, Food As Foreplay, and Colicchio As SexMore ‘Top Chef’ talk from today’s conference call. Turns out most of the season was shot in Brooklyn!
  44. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Producers Consider Elimination … by Death!Tough luck for a cheftestant with a seafood allergy.
  45. Top Chef
    ‘Top Chef’ Announces Contestants, ChangesWatch the season premiere on November 12.
  46. Winners and Losers
    Padma and Tom Robbed at Emmys!At the Primetime Emmys, ‘Top Chef’ lost out to Jerry Bruckheimer’s ‘Amazing Race.’ Hollywood can only love its own, we guess.
  47. Top Shill
    ‘Top Chef’ Product-Placement Numbers RevealedOf the cable programs featuring the most product placement, ‘Top Chef’ comes in at a respectable third place with over 9,000 instances in the first half of the year.
  48. Back of the House
    Our Favorite Moments From a Very Special Season of ‘Top Chef’Faded photographs … covered now with lines and creases …
  49. NewsFeed
    ‘Top Chef Junior’ Bound, Inevitably, for BravoYou know — for kids!
  50. NewsFeed
    Unsuspecting Viewers Steamrolled by ‘Top Chef’ TruckThe ‘Top Chef’ season will never end, if Bravo has its way.
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