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Bourgeois Pig

  1. What to Eat
    What to Eat at Bergen Hill, Now Serving Razor Clams and Hamachi Crudo in CarrollCocktails paired with composed crudos, and more, on Court Street.
  2. Temporary Closings
    The Bourgeois Pig in Brooklyn Is Closed for RenovationsThe fondue and half-price wine are gone, but not for good.
  3. Coming Soon
    Bourgeois Pig Owner Opening Graffiti Coffeehouse in Mid-CityNow that chefs’ tattoos have lost their ability to shock, street art is increasingly being welcomed into restaurants.
  4. Openings
    First Look at the Bourgeois Pig, Now Serving Cocktails and Cheese Plates inThe new one looks a lot like the East Village original.
  5. Fondue
    Bourgeois Pig Opening This Week in Carroll GardensThe Brooklyn outpost is here.
  6. Empire Building
    Bourgeois Pig Will Open a Second Location in Carroll GardensWith a “Euro-style” cocktail program highlighting amaros.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Andy Dick Whips It Out At Cafe Audrey; Audrina Partridge’s Mom Acts Almost AsWe tried to warn you about exposing your food to the crazy comic, but some poor patrons of Audrey’s just wouldn’t listen.