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Bored To Death

  1. Beef
    Food Feuds: Which Curry Row Light Show Got the Bored to DeathTwo rival restaurants claim to have gotten a visit from Jason Schwartzman.
  2. Celebrity Settings
    Jason Schwartzman Gets the ‘Norm!’ Treatment at Williamsburg Bar“There was a cheer and cry like a football team had scored.”
  3. TV Land
    Bored to Death Shoots In (and Shoots Up) RelishThe Williamsburg diner’s latest posthumous appearance.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    Neil Patrick Harris Is at the Bourgeois Pig Right Now, and Smurfs Are InvolvedThe live-action Smurfs movie is shooting in the East Village today.
  5. The New York Diet
    Actress Heather Burns Is a Vegetarian Until She Gets a Craving for Jerk Chicken“I’m a really bad vegetarian: I try to be, but I don’t succeed.”
  6. TV Land
    Bored to Death Undercuts the Tatiana ExperienceJust how realistic was the Brighton Beach nightclub’s appearance on last night’s show?
  7. TV Land
    Bored to Death Roasts New Brooklyn CuisineWhich Greenpoint restaurant was remodeled to become the fictitious Greenpoint Pastures?
  8. Mediavore
    Tropicana Redesign Cost Sales; Odessa on HBOPlus: Christopher Guest directs Healthy Choice ads, and Bazzini may shutter, all in our morning news roundup.