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Booze You Can Use

  1. Neighborhood Watch
    Cantina Wins Bloody Mary Contest; Absinthe Offers Two Prix Fixes; and MoreAlso: big Scotch tasting from the Whisky Shop on Sept. 21.
  2. Booze You Can Use
    Permanent Beer & Wine Truck Coming Next Month to SoMa StrEAT Food ParkIt will be called StrEAT Brew.
  3. Booze You Can Use
    Next Up In Dumb Beverages: Alcoholic WaterIt’s the new Zima, but worse.
  4. Trends
    Still Trending: Bottled and Carbonated CocktailsThey’re doing it all over town now.
  5. Booze You Can Use
    Now They Have Chartreuse on Tap at Grand CaféThis is the first we’ve heard of this happening, and we like it.
  6. Booze You Can Use
    Where to Drink This Weekend: Bloody Sunday
  7. Neighborhood Watch
    Forbes Island Revises Their Menu; Blackbird Hosts Barrel-Aged Beer Party; andAlso, Yummy Yummy just opened in the Richmond.
  8. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink on the Ice Cream Bar’s New Adult Beverage MenuFinally, a menu.
  9. Openings
    Sample Ciders From All Over at Upcider, Now Open on PolkIt’s upstairs from Vertigo, in the former Ozone Thai space.
  10. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink at SF Chefs Tonight
  11. Look Who’s Popping Up
    Cheu Noodle Dudes Take Their Pop-Up Party to MéméThis time around the pop-up will have booze and new dishes.
  12. Booze You Can Use
    Bartender Bender ‘On to the Next One’ Makes a Stop at FranklinThe boozy tour brings three of New York’s finest to the Franklin for a couple of guest shifts.
  13. Booze You Can Use
    Enoteca Drago Spikes Its GelatoThe Italian now offers dessert and a nightcap in one single scoop.
  14. Bars
    O’Greenbergs Bar in Noe Valley Sold, Becoming PalladinIt looks to be changing its name after all, under the new owners.
  15. Tiki
    Tapestry Kicks Off Tiki TuesdaysFor tonight’s first round Franklin Mortgage’s Mike ‘Juice’ Treffehn is sitting in as guest bartender.
  16. Booze You Can Use
    Noir Finally Gets the Go-Ahead to Start Pouring BoozeThe booze started flowing on Friday.
  17. Contests
    CalShakes Has Cocktail Contest to Promote Spunk
  18. Booze You Can Use
    The Ice Cream Bar Adds Beer and Wine to Drinks, But Not Booze
  19. Booze You Can Use
    Rio Grande Serves Machine-Chilled Old Fashioneds on TapAlso, they’ve got a tequila-and-bourbon drink that’s a tribute to the Mexican border.
  20. Beer Me
    SoMa Streat Food Park Now Has Booze
  21. Trends
    The Next Trend in Cocktails: Perfumes and Essential OilsWe’re already seeing it pop up at places like Big.
  22. Booze You Can Use
    Gin Is In: Hendrick’s Throws Another Party Tonight; St. George DoesThe St. George event actually features more than just gin.
  23. Bar Shuffles
    Brooke Arthur Steps Away the Bar at Wo Hing
  24. Previews
    Exclusive: Hi Tops, San Francisco’s First Gay Sports Bar, Takes Shape inAnd it won’t look like Lime, at all. ‘Want to buy some marble?’ jokes co-owner Jesse Woodward.
  25. Openings
    Tradition, a New Temple of Cocktails, Opens in the Former Mr. Lew’sIt has a reservation area that pays homage to eight historical threads in the traditions of drinking.
  26. Booze You Can Use
    Finally, Philly Gets a Taste of TikiIt’s going to be the ginchiest, Moondoggie!
  27. Closings
    Lime Says Goodbye With One Last Sloppy BrunchThe kids partied hard one last time with some bottomless mimosas.
  28. Booze You Can Use
    Local Bar Stars Offer ‘Gonzo’ Takes on Classic DrinksDuggan McDonnell and Martin Cate each contribute to a new bar recipe guide from Tasting Table.
  29. Bars
    Bonné Is Done With Reservation-Only BarsHe notes that nobody’s making reservations at Local Edition, but that’s kind of because they don’t need to.
  30. Booze You Can Use
    Food & Wine Tries Fifth Floor Nettle Drink, Makes Weed JokeIt’s just about a nettle cocktail.
  31. Video Feed
    Saving the Gold Dust: A Documentary Short About the Embattled Union’Chronicle’ photographer Mike Kepka made this film following the saga.
  32. Booze You Can Use
    Drink Some Farmer’s Market Cocktails Tonight at the Ferry BuildingThere are still tickets available.
  33. Booze You Can Use
    Natural Wines Have Headache-Free Potential at a.kitchena.kitchen offers an extensive list of natural wines for the spring.
  34. Booze You Can Use
    Straw Has a Cotton Candy Cocktail Now
  35. Booze You Can Use
    Russian Bathhouse in the Bayview to Serve BoozeArchimedes Banya, which is co-ed, will be adding booze to their cafe menu.
  36. Bars
    Working-Class Mission Bar El Mexicano Getting Set to GentrifySome new owners are taking over.
  37. Openings
    Playland, a New Funhouse-Themed Bar, Opens in the Old Kimo’s SpacePunk no more.
  38. Booze You Can Use
    Local Mission Market Fights to Be Able to Sell WineOwner Yaron Milgrom is in the news again.
  39. Trimmings
    Napper Tandy Gets a Facelift
  40. App-etizing
    Food & Wine Launches New Cocktail App Featuring S.F. BarsIt features ten local bars among the country’s top 100.
  41. Booze You Can Use
    Taste Some Fine Scotches at the Whisky Shop’s New TastingsThey just started doing public tastings.
  42. Holidays
    Gold Club Does Burritos, and Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club Rings In Cinco deAlso, the Penthouse Club now has Happy Hour all day.
  43. Bars
    Cantina to Celebrate Tequila’s Elder Cousin, Mezcal, on Cinco de Mayo
  44. Booze You Can Use
    Bottled Cocktails Are Trending Around TownPre-mixed, sometimes carbonated cocktails are all the rage right now.
  45. Bars
    Staff Training Underway at Hop Sing Laundromat, But an Opening Remains ElusiveThough there’s a staff to speak of, there’s still no opening date.
  46. Booze You Can Use
    What to Drink on the New Drink Menu at Wo Hing General StoreIt’s the first substantial revision of the list since opening, and now includes spritzers.
  47. Booze You Can Use
    Meanwhile, at Coachella…
  48. Booze You Can Use
    Get Lei’d Next Week at the Tonga Room LuauIt’s $55 a head, without booze.
  49. Temporary Closings
    Polk Street Bar Gets Liquor License Suspended for Not Serving FoodBlur will be closed for at least ten days.
  50. Openings
    Local Edition, From the Bourbon & Branch Guys, Opens Thursday in the HearstIt’s way ahead of schedule!
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