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  1. Get Your Drink Om
    Introducing the Cobra Club, Possibly the City’s First Yoga Studio and BarYoga, booze, hot dogs? Check.
  2. Booze News
    After Sixteen Years, The Little Door’s Getting a Full BarCocktails will include one designed by Facebook fans.
  3. Booze News
    Corbett Would Like to Give LCB’s CEO the BootThe Governor expects to eliminate the CEO position altogether.
  4. Booze News
    Breaking: The Privatization Debate Is Officially Declared Dead!Lawmakers will spend what little time remains in this session working out the state’s budget.
  5. Booze News
    Inspector General’s Investigation Confirms What Everyone Suspected: TheSurely this won’t go over well if and when the privatization debate resumes.
  6. Booze News
    LIC Microbrewery Opening Soon, Targeting the RockawaysSince the seaside has been called Williamsburg by the beach, seems like a smart move.
  7. Booze News
    St. Felix Brands Its Own Bacon-Infused Vodka: Swine 99You can actually see the fat bobbling around in this one.
  8. Booze News
    Craft Beer Prices Staying PutNew York’s small brewers are toasting after their tax exemption was reinstated.
  9. Booze News
    LES Boozing: Yunnan Kitchen, Zoë Now Serving the HoochTwo of Grub’s favorite haunts are dry no longer.
  10. Booze News
    The Privatization Debate Isn’t Dead, It’s Just Dead In Its TracksThe debate will most likely continue, but who knows when?
  11. Booze News
    The Liquor Store Privatization Debate Appears to Be DeadLawmakers never resume debating the issue yesterday, and it’s doubtful they will before their summer break.
  12. Booze News
    Bear Republic’s Racer 5 IPA Becomes a WhiskeyR5 Aged Whiskey finds the famed Bear Republic brew being distilled for nine days straight.
  13. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Debate BeginsThere’s still no sign of whether or not it will pass.
  14. Booze News
    A Vote on Liquor Store Privatization Could Come as Soon as MondayPennsylvania’s House GOP is going to try to show they aren’t just talking the talk.
  15. Booze News
    Luxury Seats Will Get Better Booze Service at New Nets ArenaThe hoi polloi will get cut off early, but high-rollers can drink until 2 a.m.
  16. Foodievents
    Who’s Mixing It Up at L.A. Cocktail Classic, Friday in DowntownOver 200 liquor labels and 50 bartenders will turn out St. Vibiana’s this week.
  17. Studies
    Bedbugs Would Prefer It If You Would Lay Off the SauceThey’re really not into boozy blood.
  18. Booze News
    Lawmakers Renew Efforts For Liquor Store PrivatizationThe latest charge comes too little, too late, and seems like a lame effort to save face.
  19. Booze News
    Mormon Church Pissed Over Five Wives VodkaThe Latter-day Saints have gotten it banned in Idaho State liquor stores.
  20. Sloshed
    Sloshed: How to Make the Perfect Summer Drink Out of AnythingIs there one simple technique that will turn any booze, literally anything you can think of, into a refreshing summer drink? There sure is.
  21. Booze News
    The State’s Top GOP Senator Has Doubts About Liquor Store PrivatizationHe fears plans to privatize will tank.
  22. Video Feed
    See a Magician Pour Beer From an iPadThe video is set to oompah music, naturally.
  23. Booze News
    Fatburger Gets Boozy at The First Fat BarIf we’d lived in In-N-Out’s shadow for 60 years, we’d take to drinking too.
  24. Booze News
    Simon Ford, Marcos Tello Tapped for Sadie’s Guest-Bartending SeriesA roster of five bartenders is so far scheduled to focus on a different brand or spirit each month.
  25. Booze News
    M.I.A. Takes On the Beck’s Beer LabelPeace, love, harmony, … beer.
  26. We All Scream
    Tequila and Ice Cream, United at LastL.A. Creamery and Casa Noble Tequila have teamed up for a single-barrel-aged reposado flavor.
  27. Booze News
    Liquor Store Privatization Going Nowhere FastAt least the conversation now includes beer distributors.
  28. Openings
    Summer on a Stick and in a StrawAstoria Mex spot Pachanga Patterson is adding a frozen-treat and frozen-drink bar, the Icebox.
  29. Kids Today
    Annnd the Latest Teen-Drinking Trend Is … Hand SanitizerMove over, Four Loko.
  30. Openings
    Details on the Wick & the Well, Bushwick’s Upcoming Giant Beer Garden and“Public house” the Well should open this summer, while music venue the Wick is slated for fall.
  31. Booze News
    No More Booze on Late-Night LIRR TrainsWeekend trains will go dry between midnight and 5 a.m.
  32. Hangover Cures
    Genius Vegas Doctor Launches Hangover-Cure-on-WheelsNo doubt marriage annulment will be the next service to go mobile.
  33. Coming Up
    Paulaner Will Open a Beer Bar on the BoweryThe German beer-maker is planning a U.S. 4,000-square-foot flagship.
  34. Booze News
    L.A. Getting Its First Distillery Since Prohibition and It’s All OrganicGreenbar Collective is leaving Monrovia to make Tru Vodka and Ixta Tequila in the city.
  35. Cool
    Kirin’s Frozen Foam Beer Looks a Lot Like Soft-ServeShhh, don’t tell your kids.
  36. Booze News
    The Ins and Outs of Getting Drunk in The SGVWhile The Fung Brothers can’t find a drink, our unofficial guide to the region argues differently.
  37. Mixocalypse
    Bar Noir Becoming a Speakeasy Through AprilClassic cocktails and free popcorn reign at the house Lillian Gish built.
  38. Booze News
    Don’t Hold Your Breath Waiting For Home Wine ShippingTurzai and supporters are still hoping that last year’s dead-in-the-water privatization bill still has a chance.
  39. Booze News
    Midwood Teens Get Crunk at ShulIt’s becoming a problem.
  40. Mediavore
    Safeway and Vons Stop Selling Pink Slime; George Clooney Enters The TequilaThe nation’s second largest grocery store chain is putting the kibosh on the frightening meat additive.
  41. Mediavore
    Gallagher Survives Heart Attack to Smash Another Melon; Horny Flies Drawn toThe comedian collapsed at a Texas bar shortly before his show.
  42. Booze News
    Corks Pop at Moshulu to Celebrate 230 Years of Bubbly in the United StatesThe first shipment of bubbly to arrive in the U.S. came by way of Philadelphia.
  43. User’s Guide
    Where to O.D. on Corned Beef Sliders, Green Drinks, and Street Parties on SaintWhich local restaurants and bars are vying for your green this Saturday?
  44. Mediavore
    Glendale Man Catches Bear Raiding His Fridge; Javier Plascencia Coming to TownThe bear’s face was reportedly dripping with food, which makes the scary discovery kinda cute.
  45. Booze News
    Does Boyle Heights Have a Liquor Problem?Seeing a landscape dotted with liquor stores, activists in the city are trying to limit the number of alcohol vending licenses sold.
  46. Fashion Meets Food
    How to Dress for a Career in WineIn case you want to fake it until you make it.
  47. Baby Bottles
    Staten Island Lawmaker Fears Snooki’s Booze-Addled Spawn“I just hope someone talks to her about fetal alcohol syndrome.”
  48. Mediavore
    BYOB Seems Inevitable For Ocean City; Speculators Cause Instability of FoodPlus: TSA can’t make up its mind about bottles; and Jose Andres launches a food truck in D.C. with Iberico ham sandwiches, all in our morning news roundup.
  49. App-etizing
    LCB: Now There’s an App For That, TooWhile privatization hawks continue with their empty threats, the LCB is moving forward with its modernization efforts.
  50. Sloshed
    Sloshed: Will a Dash of Bitters Do Anything at All?These days, bartenders dash bitters into just about every drink they make, but what do they really do? Matthew Latkiewicz drinks a lot in order to figure out what the fuss is about.
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