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Boom Boom Room

  1. Lawsuits
    One Waitress Canned for Trying to Make It Big, Others for Being Too SmallToday in severed servers.
  2. Health Concerns
    News Flash: New York City Dining Establishments Awash in BacteriaJimmy Bradley: “That seems more like an after-party from Saturday Night Live than the Red Cat.”
  3. Community Bored
    Bobo’s Carlos Suarez Eyes New West Village SpaceMeanwhile, the Boom Boom Room and Le Bain are trying to become even more exclusive.
  4. Trimmings
    Will Menus Be Replaced by MenuPads?Plus, order White Castles electronically.
  5. The Great Outdoors
    How Exclusive Will the Standard’s New Roofdeck Be?And what’s the tightest door in the city?
  6. Mediavore
    Obama Nightclub Opens in Shanghai; Chocolate Consumption Linked to DepressionVegas glitz comes to Chinese nightlife and a favored sweet could cause the blues.
  7. Community Boards
    Dance Till You Drop at the Boom BoomThe Boom Boom Room gets a cabaret license.
  8. Price Check
    A Night at GoldBar Is Now Slightly Less UnaffordableAmazing news: The outlandish drink prices have been lowered.
  9. Nightclubbing
    Is the Boom Boom Room Now QT Owing to a Cease and Desist?Plus, finally, a look at the eighteenth-floor hot tub.
  10. Nightclubbing
    Jane Ballroom Neighbor Begs Olsen Twins for HelpPlus, a dispatch from the Boom Boom Room.
  11. Price Check
    Standard Launches Beer Garden While Boom Boom Rumors FlyA source says that above the populist sausage party, there’ll be $25 drinks.
  12. Personalities
    Jesse Camp Goes Pee Pee Off the Boom Boom Room’s RoofPlus, an early look into the Standard Hotel’s new club.
  13. Openings
    Boom Boom Room Debuts With a BangThe Standard Hotel’s club is unveiled to a Who’s Who of celebs.
  14. Openings
    The Boom Boom RoomThat’ll be the name of the Standard’s new club.