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  1. the grub street diet
    Mark Kurlansky Does, in Fact, Cook a Lot of Cod“No fat, pure protein from the hardscrabble North Atlantic.”
  2. the grub street diet
    Jonathan Lethem Dines on Psychedelic Octopus“Each food encounter is heightened into a mini-epic.”
  3. the grub street diet
    Dwight Garner Always Has a Muffuletta in the Freezer“I’ve loved nearly every muffuletta I’ve ever had, but these are special.”
  4. the grub street diet
    Hua Hsu Orders the Special“It was a sheet of hash browns folded over cheese and bacon, resting on heirloom tomatoes and a fried egg.”
  5. the grub street diet
    Hilary Leichter Is Navigating a Morning-Beverage Identity Crisis“The coffee crests in little golden peaks, like the froth left in the wake of a boat.”
  6. the grub street diet
    Emma Rosenblum Is Trying to Make Something Everyone Will Eat“The chicken was a crowd pleaser. I cooked it while drinking an Aperol Spritz, naturally.”
  7. the grub street diet
    Jade Song Still Fuels Up Like a Swimmer“If you think of the Michael Phelps diet, that stays with you.”
  8. the grub street diet
    Novelist Xochitl Gonzalez Always Has Capers on Hand“Capers are your bitchy friend who can’t keep their mouth shut.”
  9. the grub street diet
    Author Molly Wizenberg Loves the Thrill of a Backyard Garden“Our first green bean had appeared, and there I was, squatting down in my bathrobe in the dark.”
  10. book club
    A New Bourdain Book Will Be Published This YearWorld Travel: An Irreverent Guide was co-written and finished by his longtime assistant, the writer Laurie Woolever.
  11. the grub street diet
    Author Carmen Maria Machado Wants Her Food Spicy and Strong“I like food that kind of kicks me in the teeth.”
  12. the grub street diet
    Author Taffy Brodesser-Akner Loves a Good Breakfast Salad“It makes me feel like a million bucks.”
  13. interviews
    What It Was Like to Write Books and Build a Legacy With Anthony Bourdain“He always understood that he was blessed to have become Anthony Bourdain.”
  14. interviews
    Ruth Reichl on Her New Memoir, and What Gourmet Meant to Readers“It was kind of magical.”
  15. the grub street diet
    Author Nathan Englander Gets His Syrup in New Hampshire“For the best maple syrup in the world, I’d head straight for the sugar shack at Booty Farm.”
  16. the grub street diet
    Author Marlon James Has No Time for Fussy Cocktails“You’d be amazed how many people screw up a Dark ’n’ Stormy.”
  17. closings
    Café Loup, and Yet More Downtown History, Might Be Gone for Good“It was a refuge from all the assholes who made every other place in New York unbearable.”
  18. previews
    The Grub Street Fall Cookbook PreviewThe recipes we can’t wait to make from this year’s most exciting new cookbooks.
  19. books
    10 Cookbooks That Celebrate the Countries Targeted by Trump’s Travel BanSan Francisco–based Omnivore Books elaborates on its viral window display.
  20. Watch: These Wine Bottles Have Stories Attached So You Can Read As You DrinkWine and literature pair together quite well.
  21. Interviews
    Meet the Author Whose New Novel Is All About New York Restaurant CultureStephanie Danler discusses Sweetbitter.
  22. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Happy Meals Will Come With Books Instead of ToysKids are going to be ecstatic.
  23. Grub Guides
    12 New Food Books You Should Read This SummerBeyond The Third Plate.
  24. Book Shelf
    Here’s a Sneak Preview of the Roberta’s CookbookIt’s being released in late October.
  25. Books
    Untitled To Host Dinner With Chopped Star Chef Maneet Chauhan SundayDinner with cookbook author.
  26. Books
    Get Your Hot Doug’s Swag In One Easy BundleGet your Hot Doug’s stuff.
  27. Books
    Cheese Writer Kirstin Jackson On Our National State of CheeseWhat to do with all this great cheese?
  28. Books
    Win Tickets To Cheese Author Signing & Wine Cheese Pairing at City WineryCheese events next week.
  29. Interviews
    Nigella Lawson on Midwest Eating ‘With Relish and Abandon’Nigella Lawson talks about Italian food in the midwest.
  30. Interviews
    Nigella Lawson: ‘The Whole World Is Enslaved by Italian Food’“There’s no mystique, it doesn’t try to keep its methods or its ingredients a secret. There isn’t some sort of inner sanctum you have to be ushered into.”
  31. Books
    Homaro Cantu’s Saving the World, Starting With Good Morning America andHomaro Cantu is pushing miracle berries.
  32. Books
    Who’s Going To Play The Waffleizer In The Movie?Waffleizer: The Book, coming soon.
  33. Bookshelf
    Brandon Baltzley’s Book Now Orderable on AmazonBrandon Baltzley: the book, coming May 16.
  34. Books
    The World Is Their OysterErin Byers Murray makes clams, thanks to oysters.
  35. Books
    The Meatloaf Bakery is Coming To a Store Near YouYou can have your (meatloaf) cupcake, and read it too!
  36. Farmers’ Markets
    ‘Eat Food You Can Visit"— Talking With Author Janine MacLachlanAuthor Janine MachLachlan on the farmers’ markets of the midwest.
  37. Books
    Todd Selby’s Edible Selby Cover RevealedWelcome to the Selby.
  38. Bookshelf
    Which Chicago-Related Food Books Should Be on Your Holiday Must-Read List?Going home for the holidays can get tiresome pretty quickly. Kill some time with these Chicago food books.
  39. Books
    See Lydia Shire and Barbara Lynch at the Harvard Bookstore TomorrowThey’ll chat about chefs’ last meals on Earth.
  40. Next
    Relive Those Thrilling Meals of Last Summer With Next’s Paris 1906 iBookGrant Achatz, Nick Konkonas, and the Next team release their Paris 1906 book for the iPad.
  41. Books
    Shucked, All About Life on Island Creek’s Oyster Farm, Drops TodayThe literary world is Erin Byers Murray’s oyster.
  42. Foodievents
    Amis Hosts Gabrielle Hamilton For Its Monthly Industry Night TonightTonight the Amis crew will celebrate the work of chef-author Gabrielle Hamilton with a lamb roast inspired by her book.
  43. Beef
    Ruth Reichl Doesn’t Hold GrudgesIn fact, she recommends the book being published by her former employer.
  44. Neighborhood Watch
    Madhur Jaffrey Speaks In Brookline; Somerville Restaurants Get More EclecticPlus: Rocca holds a benefit for The Trevor Project, and Wine Riot takes over the Cyclorama, all in our weekly neighborhood news roundup.
  45. Julia Child
    Julia Child Gets Another Book DealA collection of the legendary chef’s correspondence with her agent will be published this fall.
  46. Go Ask Alice
    Alice Waters Will Not Abide Anyone’s Love for Iceberg LettuceIn answer to a friend’s admission of a love for the crunchy lettuce, Alice sent a care package of fifteen small heads of French lettuces to try.
  47. Bookshelf
    Momofuku Milk Bar, Madonna’s Macrobiotic Chef Score Cookbook DealsPlus, the ‘Edible’ magazines will become a book.
  48. Bookshelf
    Photographer Serves Up Porn With a Side of Food PornWhy should straight men have to salivate separately over al pastor and ass?
  49. Books
    The Polenta is a LieGrant Achatz’s first experience with El Bulli, as excerpted from his forthcoming memoir.
  50. Oddities
    What, No Bay of Bayless?A sci-fi young-adult novel pays homage to Achatz, Trotter, and more
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