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  1. book excerpt
    How to Pair (Great) Wine With McDonald’sBig Macs and Burgundy.
  2. book excerpt
    How to Pair (Great) Wine With Food From Trader Joe’sAn excerpt from the new book Big Macs & Burgundy: Wine Pairings for the Real World.
  3. memoirs
    How a Restaurant Critic Inspired Me to Become a ChefAn excerpt from the new memoir Rebel Chef.
  4. book excerpt
    How Adam Platt Learned to Eat Like a Food CriticAn excerpt from his upcoming memoir The Book of Eating.
  5. features
    The City on the 107th FloorWhat it was like to work at Windows on the World.
  6. bars
    What Happened When NYC Messed With Manhattan’s Most Storied Bar Artifacts“There was no piece of the bar more sacred than the World War I wishbones.”
  7. cosmos!
    How the Inventor of the Cosmopolitan Learned to Embrace the Famous DrinkIt’s been hard to own such a hated drink.