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Bold Italic

  1. Chefs at Home
    See What S.F. Chefs Melissa Perello, Thomas McNaughton, and Anthony MangieriCheck out McNaughton’s adorable pet pig!
  2. Vegans
    Tales of a Junk-Food-Loving Vegan
  3. Bars
    Spending Morning, Noon, and Night at Clooney’s, Complete With New FoodIt’s one of the last places you can still get a drink at 6 a.m. in this town.
  4. Funnies
    Everyone Has a Crush on Someone Who Works at TartineVia the Bold Italic…
  5. Neighborhood Watch
    The Tenderloin Becomes a Destination, At Least for the Fixie SetThe Bold Italic explores the ‘Tenderloin Nouveau.’