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  1. the feeding tube
    New Report Says Bobby Flay Quit Iron Chef in the Most Bobby Flay Way PossibleProducers were supposedly aghast.
  2. closings
    Bobby Flay Will Close Bar Americain in MidtownMidtown’s 13-year-old brasserie shutters in January.
  3. The Feeding Tube
    The 7 Best Lines From The Simpsons’ Food Network Send-upBobby Flay got burned pretty badly.
  4. Cool Dudes
    Neil Patrick Harris Spent His Birthday Chilling, Grilling With Bobby FlayNo word on whether NPH taught Flay magic tricks in exchange.
  5. Foodievents
    NYCWFF Tickets Go on Sale MondayDominique Ansel enlisted a bunch of pastry chef friends to make a sugary “Wonderland.”
  6. The Dish
    The Dish: Gato’s Scrambled Eggs, Almond Romesco, Bûcheron Cheese,“I thought it would be like the chef’s dish, where we sell two orders a night. Now it’s about 30.”
  7. Quote of the Day
    Jessica Seinfeld Gets All Religious on Bobby Flay’s GatoShe has some high praise, literally.
  8. Restaurant Review
    Platt: A More Restrained Bobby Flay Returns With GatoAnd the crowds follow.
  9. Leftovers
    Lunch at the East Pole; James Beard Foundation to Honor Bobby Flay This SummerPlus: Bacon Fest NYC details, and more, in today’s roundup.
  10. Openings
    What to Eat at Gato, Bobby Flay’s New Mediterranean RestaurantPizza, paella, and buckwheat pita bread.
  11. Quote of the Day
    Bobby Flay Can Also Cook WellThe chef opens Gato in Nolita next month.
  12. The Feeding Tube
    Vanity Fair Takes On TV Chef ScandalsSomehow only Gordo, who makes millions acting furious, remains unscathed.
  13. Closings
    Own a Piece of Mesa GrillJust the thing for your apartment’s Bobby Flay room, not that you’d ever admit to having such a thing.
  14. Closings
    Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Closes This MonthThe Food Network chef’s flagship will close its doors on August 31.
  15. Coming Soon
    Bobby Flay’s Noho Restaurant Called Gato, Not BoloAn orange cat that crossed his path on Lafayette Street changed everything.
  16. Mayor Flay
    Watch Bobby Flay Address Rumors of a New York City Mayoral RunA spice-rubbed chicken in every pot!
  17. We Called It
    Bobby Flay to Reopen Bolo in NohoThe new space has 22-foot ceilings and room for 147 seats.
  18. Reopenings
    Is Bobby Flay’s Long-Awaited Bolo Reboot Opening in Noho? [Updated]Has the Food Network chef found a space for his next major project?
  19. Hustle And Flay
    Bobby Flay Reportedly Headed to Dancing With the Stars [Updated]Tango with Flay. That could really be its own show.
  20. Relocations
    Is Bobby Flay’s Mesa Grill Leaving Union Square? [Updated]What does the future hold for the groundbreaking restaurant?
  21. Video Feed
    Here’s What Giada De Laurentiis and Bobby Flay’s Talk Show MightHere’s a taste of what might have been.
  22. The Feeding Tube
    Buy the Brooklyn Home Where Bobby Flay Is Filming His New ShowFlay not included.
  23. The New York Diet
    Stephanie March Entertains in Amagansett, Uses Canned Tomatoes Behind Bobby“Welcome to my house. Make me dinner.”
  24. Food TV
    See How Bobby Flay Saved A Sausage Stand in 3 Days! (Not Exactly)Big Guys in Berwyn will be on Bobby Flay’s new show… true or not.
  25. Twinsies
    Chefs and Their Uncanny Cartoon DopplegangersNigella Lawson vs. Natasha Fatale.
  26. Neighborhood Watch
    Lotus Xpress X-Tends to Somerville; Eastern Standard’s Happy StaffPlus Patron in Allston and Greek confusion, and more, all in our weekly neighborhood round-up.
  27. Coming Soon
    Bobby Flay: Bringin’ Burgers to the BurbsBobby’s Burger Palace opens this fall in our newest culinary mecca, Burlington.
  28. Rumor Mill
    Is Bobby Flay Moving to Philly?Bobby makes three… Iron Chefs in Philadelphia.
  29. Benefits
    Colicchio & Sons Will Host Benefit for Gerry HaydenAn all-star roster will team up to help the legendary chef.
  30. Landlords
    Flay Says Mesa Grill Might Not Be Moving After All“We’re renegoiating the lease … We hope to stay there.”
  31. On The Market
    Is Bobby Flay’s NYC Mesa Grill Moving?The building that houses Mesa Grill in Flatiron is looking for a new restaurant tenant.
  32. Closings
    Debt Decimates Delilah’sThe onetime entrepreneurial power house lost her last two businesses to bankruptcy.
  33. Food Network
    Bobby Flay Looking for Wannabe Bobby FlaysCasting call.
  34. Quote of the Day
    Bobby Flay Likes to Bump ‘n’ GrindFlay loves “urban-style dancing music.”
  35. Celebrity Settings
    Bobby Brown Consoles Himself Post-Funeral With Bobby Flay’s FoodWhitney Houston’s ex tries to drown his sorrows in Grey Goose and seafood.
  36. Food TV
    Let’s Get Ready to Gobble!!!Garces teams up with Marc Forgione to battle Bobby Flay and Michael Symon in a Thanksgiving-themed bout.
  37. Openings
    Bobby’s Burger Palace Is Now Open at the Cherry Hill MallSure, it has burgers, but it doesn’t have beer and wine.
  38. Mediavore
    Natalie Portman Lauds LAUSD Food Improvements; Soda Linked to Violent Teen CrimeThe actress sends a letter of congratulations to superintendent John Deasy, after he makes big changes in school diets.
  39. Mediavore
    High Soda Consumption Linked to Violence; Prepare for Everything to Keep BeingPlus: watch a video of a wine shelf collapsing, Bobby Flay drawn into a midtown Halal-cart feud, and more, in our morning news roundup.
  40. Rumors
    Does Vetri Have His Sights Set on Atlantic City?Unlike the other chef participating in Savor Borgata, Vetri doesn’t have a restaurant in Atlantic City… yet.
  41. Balls and Chains
    Bobby Flay on Playing a Single Version of Himself on Entourage“I absolutely had to get permission, but permission was granted, and we had such a fun time watching it.”
  42. Not Good
    Mesa Grill in Brain Damage SuitBad situation for Flay.
  43. Fictional Chefs
    Bobby Flay Isn’t an L.A. Chef, But He Plays One on TVBobbly Flay isn’t an L.A. restaurant owner, but he plays one on TV.
  44. Crime Scenes
    Phony Food Network Chef Nearly Scams NJ Town Out of $10,000Posing as a Food Network personality, ‘Chef Lenny’ sought to bilk the small New Jersey town of thousands of dollars.
  45. Closings
    And Then There Were None: Last Remaining Soul Daddy ShuttersIt’s lights out for “America’s Next Great Restaurant.”
  46. Empire Building
    Will Philly’s Burger Bubble Burst Before Shake Shack Even Opens?Sure Shake Shack is coming, but is it too late?
  47. Food TV
    Todd Stein Takes on Bobby Flay on Iron Chef AmericaThe show airs this Sunday at 9 p.m. ct.
  48. TV Land
    Nebo Sisters Ride Zucchini to SuccessThe Nebo duo throws down against Bobby Flay with an unconventional lasagna.
  49. Marketing Gimmicks
    The Automat Makes a Comeback, But Only for Eight HoursAutomatic for the people! Free snacks from an automat in Grand Central.
  50. SOBE
    SOBE Report: Where Did the Chefs Eat?Even in the middle of the food fest, most chefs still found time to sneak away and try some new restaurants.
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