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Blue Palms

  1. Beer Me
    Blue Palms: The Brewery?The leatherneck owner is working on it, and also expanding across the country.
  2. Beer Me
    Blue Palms Brings Back ‘Pumpkin Palooza’This Sunday, the Hollywood brew bar taps pumpkin-brewed beers and serves pumpkin dishes.
  3. Superlatives
    L.A. Named One of The Five Best U.S. Beer CitiesA few key players appear to be missing, but we’ll still take this as good news.
  4. Mediavore
    Blue Palms Gets Temporary Reprieve; Sushi Boosts Male FertilityThe craft beer venue gets two-to-three more weeks in Hollywood, while survival beyond that is not impossible.
  5. Endangered
    Tonight At Least, Blue Palms is Staying AliveMany followers think this could be the final fete, where pints will be sold for only four bucks.
  6. Endangered
    Blue Palms Threatened With Closure, But Still Serving The Sugar BowlThe venue was scheduled to suddenly shutter on Sunday, but is still surviving as of today.
  7. Beer Nuts
    Five L.A. Brew Bars Unite for The Inevitable Beer Garden Pop-UpSomehow, someway, we suspect someone will manage to throw a food truck or two into this mix.