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  1. Everyone’s a Critic
    Blogger Promising ‘Positive Review’ Predictably Evokes Ire ofJust another WordPress disaster.
  2. The Gold Watch
    Jonathan Gold, ExcelledThe Delicious Life list-geeks out on the critic’s 99 Essential Restaurants.
  3. Mediavore
    Nonprofits Struggle to Keep the Poor and Hungry Fed; Pregnant Beyonce CravesPlus: Bloggers change the face of food reviews; and Mediterranean cuisine is having a moment, all in our morning news roundup.
  4. Beef
    Batali: Kill All the BloggersWhich living person does Mario Batali despise the most?
  5. Interviews
    Dan Shumski Reflects on the End of WaffleizerA look back at the late, great Waffleizer blog.
  6. Mediavore
    Paula Deen Misses The Plate; Kyle McLaughlin Turns WinemakerA television chef throws a first pitch in D.C. and a Twin Peaks star spawns a Cabernet.
  7. Thought Pieces
    Sietsema Looks at the Past, But What’s the Future of Food Media?A history of restaurant reviewing makes one ask: What’s next?
  8. Awards
    L.A. Weekly Announces Web Award WinnersFood bloggers and restaurants score for their contributions.
  9. Foodievents
    Meet and Eat with Julie Powell at Ojai Valley InnA famous food blogger taps her famous source for a one-night dinner and demo.
  10. Foodievents
    800 Desserts Unite This Saturday For A Good CauseA massive bake sale is taking place at Zeke’s.
  11. The Other Critics
    Can Alan Richman’s Takedown Kill the Bill’s Burger?The ‘GQ’ critic says don’t believe the hype.
  12. Foodienomics
    South Coast Plaza Dangled Bribes to Bloggers for Quick CoverageSouth Coast Plaza offers $200 in gift certificates to bloggers who write about them.
  13. Other Magazines
    Gourmet’s Competitors Examine the Corpse, Blame BloggersThe publishers of ‘Saveur’ and ‘Cook’s Illustrated’ speak up.
  14. Beef
    Lucky Devils Defends Itself Against Boycott CallLucky Devils responds to a blog boycott over its hiring practices.
  15. Beef
    Joe Doe Coda: “You Will Make Me Famous, and for That I Love You LittlePlus, Joe Doe doesn’t hate all bloggers!
  16. Beef
    Chef Joe Doe Speaks Out About the New York Dining CircusThe outspoken chef lets loose about bloggers, critics, PR, and his neighbor across the way, Prune.
  17. Beef
    Jason Neroni Still Hates BloggersAnd now he distrusts Frank Bruni, too!
  18. TV Land
    As Seen on TVFurther to its ‘Gossip Girl’ appearance, a history of the Brooklyn Inn’s troubled relationship with bloggers.
  19. Beard Awards
    Beard Awards Invite Bloggers to the TableThis year, the ‘Oscars of the industry’ add a category for Blogs focusing on Food, Restaurants, Beverage, or Nutrition.
  20. Newsfeed
    ICE Trains the Next Generation of Food BloggersA series of classes teaches you how to surf the wave of food blogs, shows, and podcasts.
  21. NewsFeed
    Chang Bans Food Photography at Ko; Chefs, Bloggers Prove ResistantDavid Chang’s quixotic quest to ban cameras at Ko is earning its own wave of bloggy controversy.
  22. NewsFeed
    Spitzer’s Corner Courts Bloggers With Tasting EventRob Shamlian might not be the biggest fan of bloggers, after they obsessively covered his fight to open Mason Dixon, but his other restaurant, Spitzer’s Corner, is extending the olive branch to them.
  23. Mediavore
    Cookbook Bloggers Are Nuts; ‘Flavor Tripping’ With Miracle FruitPlus: the return of Hydrox cookies, the rise of ricotta, which restaurants the ‘Sex and the City’ movie filmed at, and more in our morning roundup of news and gossip.
  24. NewsFeed
    Guest of a Guest Outs Herself to Steve LewisRachelle Hruska identifies herself as the editor behind Guest of a Guest.
  25. Back of the House
    New York ‘Times’ to Wonder How Bloggers Stay AliveWhen we received a voice mail last week from Kim Severson of the New York Times, saying that she wanted to interview us, our natural response was one of delight. Was the topic to be hamburgers or our upcoming book on same? Or perhaps the larger topic of meat? Or perhaps the ongoing efforts of Grub Street? It was with giddy fingers that we dialed Severson’s number only to find out that the lady was writing an article on how fat and unhealthy food bloggers are, and to ask us, in so many words, why we were still alive. Apparently, bloggers aren’t the trenchermen they once were: Off the Broiler’s Jason Perlow recently had some serious health problems, and even Steven “the Fat Guy” Shaw of eGullet has gotten on the austerity program. But, as we told Severson, the day we start eating salad she’s welcome to our place at the table. Grub Street may cost us the vitality of our once-springy carcass, but by God the work will go on!
  26. NewsFeed
    Steve Plotnicki: Watch Out, Zagats!Our man Steve Plotnicki, the so-called “king of the bloggers,” saw his 100 Best Restaurants of North America & Europe come out today, and while it might not put the Zagats out of the dining-guide business quite yet, we have to say we’re behind the Opinionated About Dining man. Plotnicki’s distinctive approach is to use a weighted system, so that the opinion of someone like himself — a deep-pocketed trencherman who eats out 300 nights a year — counts more than someone who comes into the city only occasionally or whose dining habits are limited entirely to his or her own neighborhood. “The difference between us and Zagat will be obvious to anyone who picks up the book,” says Plotnicki, confidently.
  27. NewsFeed
    Amateur Gourmet: Real Book, Virtual TourAdam Roberts, the self-styled “Amateur Gourmet,” has been getting so much play lately that he may have to get a new sobriquet. First came his elevation into the Serious Eats family, then an appearance in the New York Times, and his book, The Amateur Gourmet, drops today. Like his counterpart Danyelle Freeman, Roberts is riding the blog gravy train straight to the top. But unlike Freeman, whose new gig at the Daily News is strictly old media, Roberts is promoting his new book with a “virtual book tour” that will bring him to practically every food blog you can think of, and not a few that you can’t think of. “I’m doing a Q&A with Ruhlman, and visiting Orangette, David Leibovitz, Gluten Free Girl, and The Girl Who Ate Everything over the next few weeks,” he tells us. Gluten Free Girl? There will be one real-world reading, at the Park Slope Barnes & Noble on September 24. For the rest of the tour, Roberts is dancing with the one that brung him. We can’t say we would argue with that plan. Amateur Gourmet [Official Site]
  28. Mediavore
    ‘Next Food Network Star’ Contestant Accused of Fudging Past; ScottEx-Marine Josh Adam Garcia, one of the standout contestants on The Next Food Network Star, is accused of lying about both his military service and graduating from cooking school. [Marine Corps Times] Scott Conant has Miami and New York projects on the horizon. And his go-to restaurants in New York are Daniel, Café Boulud, Daisy May’s, Blue Smoke, and Tsushima. [RG] Some food-world heavy hitters recollect their greatest meat moments, as a follow-up to yesterday’s Times story about the fatty times we live in. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
  29. NewsFeed
    Batali and Bourdain Argue Over Adam Platt, the Egg Thief, and Much More Marco Pierre White showed up at Borders last night for a book signing with two friends in tow: Mario Batali and Tony Bourdain. We sat down with the latter two for a few minutes before the event and picked their brains. In true style, Mario sent one of the store’s managers out for a bottle of vodka and some tonic at the start, but as the harried fellow didn’t arrive until the end, this discussion was conducted in cold sobriety.
  30. Click and Save
    Phoood Returns to Guide Us Through the Dorito Wilderness Any number of bloggers can opine on the merits of Soto’s uni, or Morandi’s veal. But we only know of one who can consitently turn out cogent criticism of junk food. Yes, it’s a happy day on Grub Street, because Phoood, one of our all-time favorite blogs, is back up and running.
  31. Click and Save
    Our Chinatown Guide Goes Viral — in a Good Way!Blogger Buddha Drinks Fanta gets around — she has posts on Southeast Asia and Australia as well as the U.S. Which is partly why we’re flattered that her new photo essay, “Tongues and Bungs: BDF Does Chinatown,” was inspired by Zak Pelaccio’s picks in this issue’s Chinatown guide. BDF also drops in on several places Pelaccio didn’t mention, including some especially … interesting meat stores. Those of you with vegetarians in the office: These pics are most definitely NSFW. Tongues and Bungs: BDF Does Chinatown [Buddha Drinks Fanta] Zak on the Prowl [NYM]
  32. Back of the House
    Yau Already Replaced at Gramercy Park; Everybody’s BloggingIan Schrager has already found a star chef to replace Allen Yau at the Gramercy Park Hotel: The Japanese-born nouvelle-Chinese star Yuji Wakiya, who almost came here two years ago to do a restaurant at the Bryant Park Hotel. [NYP] Related: Restaurant Happenings: Sirio’s New Address? [NYM] Bruni won’t have to bear the Diner’s Journal load alone anymore; we can now also look forward to the musings of Julia Moskin, Kim Seversen, and other contemplative food writers. [NYT] Meanwhile, Le Bernardin’s Eric Ripert and the Food & Wine staff have launched their own blogs. (The Ripper’s requires a subscription to The Wine Spectator.) [Snack]
  33. NewsFeed
    Finally, a Restaurant Blog We Can Bear EndorsingFrankly, we’re not always flattered to be part of that great, wide, amateurish group of people known as food bloggers. But some blogs we very much admire — like Augieland, based in our own fair city (though sometimes Augie, as the man called himself when we got in touch, does write from the road, too). It’s easy to say whether you love or hate a restaurant. But on this particular site, there’s always a wealth of physical detail: “The starchy thickness of the tartares made the thin chips useless for scooping them, leaving the three of us to use chopsticks to scoop bits onto the chips,” reads a copiously illustrated review of Japonais. But all that work doesn’t mean no play: Augieland doles out ratings using stars seemingly from another galaxy (A Voce earns 211 lewinskibillion stars) and supplements reviews with random, highly enjoyable rants and wonky features, like this one on the quest to make a perfect baguette.