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Blind Items

  1. Oops!
    Which Bay Area Restaurant Accidentally Overcharged a Michelin Inspector by $800?We’re quite curious.
  2. Getting Kinky
    Which Famous Chef Is a Dominatrix’s ‘Pay Pig’?At least one famous chef is walking around town in a chastity belt.
  3. Rumor Mill
    Rumors Swirl About New Restaurants at 140 New MontgomeryBar Agricole is rumored to be one of two restaurant tenants.
  4. Blind Items
    Which S.F. Chef Is Opening a Bistro in Rockridge?It’s the former Water Lounge space.
  5. Blind Items
    Which Pacific Heights Restaurant Had a Toilet Peeper?; Which ‘EstablishedThe toilet peeper worked somewhere in the vicinity of California and Fillmore.
  6. Blind Items
    Enormous New Penthouse Club to Bring Steak and Topless Dancers Together In S.F.They’re keeping the exact location secret for now.
  7. Blind Items
    Which High-Volume Seafood Restaurant Needs a New Chef?Blind item guessing game time!
  8. Blind Items
    Willie Brown Doesn’t Always Tip
  9. Blind Items
    Blind Items: Established Marina Bar and Hayes Valley Restaurant For Sale, and aAnd what’s this “Very Nice Italian” restaurant a few blocks from Union Square?
  10. Blind Items
    Updated: Big Changes Afoot at Le ClubAccording to the Scoop, a “clubby Nob Hill venture” is headed into bankruptcy.
  11. Blind Items
    Which Valencia Street Restaurant Is Up For Grabs?Could it be Sunflower? Frjtz?
  12. Blind Items
    Guess Which Recently Remodeled Hayes Valley Restaurant Is for SaleAlso, a popular bar in a “prime neighborhood” is up for grabs.
  13. Blind Items
    SoMa Nightclub For Sale Without a Full Liquor License
  14. Blind Items
    Name That ‘Well Established’ Restaurant With Separate Lounge Now ForA large restaurant in SF is for sale with a lounge attached that has a different name.
  15. Blind Items
    Name That Ballpark-Adjacent Restaurant Now for SaleThis mid-sized, ballpark-adjacent restaurant is up for grabs at $345,000.
  16. Blind Item
    Which Established Castro Restaurant Is Up for Grabs?This prime-located Castro eatery seats 40 and doesn’t have a full bar.
  17. Blind Item
    Which ‘Premiere’ Restaurant Near Union Square Is For Sale?For a cool $2.7 million you can own the building and the business, but not the brand.
  18. Blind Item
    Blind Item: SOMA Restaurant/Lounge For SaleA space with a DJ/live music permit and full kitchen is for sale in SOMA.
  19. Rumors
    Which Chef-Hemorrhaging Restaurateur Owes Everyone?A blind item on 312 DD doesn’t look so blind to us.
  20. Blind Items
    Which Restaurateur Is A Homewrecker and Had His Mailing List Hacked?A restaurant sends out a mass email accusing its owner of having an affair.
  21. Blind Item
    Who’s the Cheating Chef?“This A list celebrity chef loves his women. He loves them a lot.”
  22. Blind Item
    SmokeasiesWhich pâté-serving downtown establishment is doing swift business partly because it lures in Chinese family men and nicotine-happy web designers alike with its lax smoking policy?
  23. Mr. Snitch
    Blind Item: Don’t Tell Bloomberg EditionWhat celebrity chef is flaunting his disregard for no-smoking laws in his new restaurant?