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Bizarre Foods

  1. TV Shows
    Bizarre Foods Does Chicago TonightSee who Bizarre Foods checked out in Chicago.
  2. Truckin’
    Andrew Zimmern Launching a Food Truck, AZ CanteenFeaturing Pat LaFrieda goat burgers and cabrito sausage.
  3. The Grub Street Diet
    Andrew Zimmern Feasts on Roasted Raccoon for Breakfast, Banana Pudding for“I got to eat some of the food that I made for them, which was sauteed duck’s testicles with white wine and herbs; and a calf’s-brain sandwich. It was delicious.”
  4. Fancy Dinners
    Andrew Zimmern Loves O Ya, Used to Work at Harvard CafeHe says the swank sushi parlor is America’s best unknown restaurant.
  5. Blechtacular
    Another Reason to Avoid State Fairs This SummerHe’s called Jungle George, and he may be coming to a county fair near you.
  6. TV Land
    Andrew Zimmern Loves S.F.’s Dumpsters BestSee two clips from last night’s S.F. episode of ‘Bizarre Foods.’