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  1. Nonstaurants
    Former Dry Creek Kitchen Chef Brings a New Yucatanean Pop-Up to the RussianA former Dry Creek Kitchen chef is serving modernized Yucatanean cuisine in an old barn in Sonoma County twice a week.
  2. Supper Clubs
    Bite Club Experiments With ‘Sous Vide’ Before a Brief HiatusYour last chance to experience the French Laundry of supper clubs before the end of the year.
  3. NewsFeed
    Secret Supper Club Adds Death & Co. Cocktail ManWe got a note from everyone’s favorite secret-supper-club chef, the mysterious “D” of Bite Club NY. (Bite Club, like the Ghetto Gourmet and other secret-dinner societies, serves invitation-only meals by trained chefs at private homes around town.) Bite Club is pretty much the French Laundry of the dinner clubs, and now the cocktail program is of equal stature, thanks to the addition of Joaquin Simo from Death & Co. The next dinner, with such Simo-created pairings as foie gras–infused bourbon, is on December 22. Bite Club is accepting new members. Bite Club NY [Official site] Bite Club menu
  4. Mediavore
    School of Rock for Celebrity Chefs; Organic Produce Got in My BodegaIt had to happen: A cooking school will teach the fine art of celebrity chefdom. [Food Arts] Albany is looking to get local and organic produce into low-income neighborhoods. [Daily Intel] A peek inside the supersecret Bite Club. [Off the Broiler] Related: Stop Being Perfect and Sign Up for Bite Club [Grub Street]