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Bird Flu

  1. Shortages
    Despite Bird Flu Epidemic, Turkey’s Somehow Cheaper Than Last YearTurns out reports of their deaths were greatly exaggerated.
  2. Shortages
    Brace Yourself for a Thanksgiving Turkey ShortageThe bird flu is causing a steep decline.
  3. Shortages
    Eggs Are About to Become More Expensive Than EverThe cost of a dozen jumped by as much as 23 cents in just the last week.
  4. Food Safety
    Food Companies Are Bracing for a Major Egg ShortageSome are even considering egg substitutes.
  5. Food Safety
    A Mysterious Bird Flu Is Killing Record Numbers of ChickensFive new reported cases could bring the death toll to 20 million birds.
  6. Food Safety
    A Major Egg Supplier Is Dealing With a Bird-Flu OutbreakMany of its 5.3 million birds may have to be destroyed.