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Bill Murray

  1. openings
    Why Bill Murray’s Kid’s New Restaurant Is Worth Taking SeriouslyHomer Murray has paid his dues in a very tough industry.
  2. Quote of the Day
    Bill Murray Has a Theory About VodkaAnd he makes large men cry when he drinks gin.
  3. Simply Simon
    Is Kerry Simon Going Into Business With Old Pal Bill Murray?The chef used to work with the comedian at a Chicago-area Little Caesar’s when they were both teens and now they might join forces at Caddyshack Restaurant.
  4. Celebrity Settings
    What Bill Murray Is HavingThe Ghostbuster’s son is a cook at a Williamsburg restaurant.
  5. Tony Tony Tony
    Bill Murray and Anthony Bourdain Go on a Man DateWaterfront dining with two greats.
  6. Nightlife
    The Lower Lower East Side Scene Is Further ExposedThe ‘Post’ and ‘New York’ shine a light on B.East and Chloe 81.
  7. Celebrity Settings
    Our Weird Bill Murray Sighting Was Just the Tip of the IcebergApparently the guy is a “ghost” who spends his time “trawling for serendipity in the New York night.”
  8. Douchebusters
    Bill Murray Shows Up at Broadway East, Discovers East BroadwayThe ‘Ghostbusters’ star showed up for the Chinatown lounge’s douchebusters party.