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  1. Customer Copy
    Customers Accused of Anti-Gay Receipt Commentary Say It’s a HoaxThey say they did indeed leave a tip — and 20 percent at that.
  2. Return Receipt
    Openly Gay New Jersey Server Stiffed on Tip Will Donate Well-Wishers’ CashAfter one sermonizing family denied her a tip, the support poured in.
  3. Bad Moves
    Woman Douses Customers With Soy Sauce and Chocolate Milk During RaciallyPolice say the woman yelled at customers to “go back to China.”
  4. Lawsuits
    Paula Deen Reportedly Planned a Wedding With Waiters Who Looked LikeThe antic Grand Empress of Butter allegedly admits to racist ways.
  5. Albuquerque Whole Foods Workers Were Suspended for Speaking SpanishHaving a “uniform form of communication” is for everyone’s own good, the corporation says.