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Big Tips

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    Very Generous Diners Give Server a New Buick as a TipThat’s a little more than 20 percent…
  2. big tips
    Wahlberg Brother Tips $500 After His Posse Bombards Waffle House at 2 A.M.The staff of three wasn’t even sure who he was at first.
  3. Hero Customers Pay Off Their Server’s Student LoansThey tipped her $400 on a $200 tab, then came back and gave her $10,000.
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    Server Covering for Co-worker Gets Instant Karma in Form of $1,000 TipSometimes karma makes you rich.
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    A Restaurant Customer Left a $900 Tip for Her Pregnant Server“I don’t know if she really understands how much this is going to help us this season.”
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    Diner Tips Irish Server $750 So He Can Fly Home to See His Family“My initial reaction was shouting, ‘Holy s—!’”
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    Kindhearted Restaurant Customer Leaves $100 Tip for Immigrant Server“This lady made me very happy.”