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Big Macs

  1. Super Fans
    American Hero Has Eaten 12,000 Big MacsHe seems fine, physically.
  2. The Chain Gang
    Mouse Hunt: Rodent Video Puts McDonald’s on the DefensiveThe employee’s video shows a mouse inside a bag of Big Mac buns.
  3. Mediavore
    Sandra Day O’Connor Has Big Mac Attack; Panera Posting Calorie Count“Little Billy” polled the Supreme Court on their favorite things to eat at McDonalds and the first U.S. chain is revealed that will post calorie counts.
  4. TV Land
    Quiznos Revels in Sub-versive AdvertisingQuiznos has deployed edgy ads before, but now they’re getting downright pervy.
  5. Burger Battles
    Adrià, Pépin Aren’t Clowning Around When They DefendBut is the dean of the French Culinary Institute right to pick the Big Mac over the Whopper?
  6. NewsFeed
    Is STK Hamburglarizing the Big Mac?Does the steakhouse’s new $20 burger constitute copyright infringement, or does it fall under the category of satire?
  7. Mediavore
    Cavatappo Brand to Expand; Vote for New McDonald’s JinglePlus Gotham pizza at Domino’s, a nightlife great passes away, and more, in our morning news digest.
  8. Mediavore
    Sarabeth’s at Lord & Taylor; Children’s Cookbooks So Hot Right NowPlus: A great French chef passes on, Nathan’s Famous begins posting calorie info, and more in our morning roundup of food news and gossip.
  9. The Underground Gourmet
    Sandwich of the Week: City Bakery’s Barbecued Tofu — Yes, TofuEver since man discovered tofu, he’s been trying to trick himself into thinking it’s meat. Traditionally, this is attempted by playing with texture, form, and flavor, and the results, needless to say, aren’t always successful. There is good fake-meat tofu (Chinese mock duck, the Unchicken Buffalo Wings at Kate’s Joint in the East Village), and bad fake-meat tofu (the Tofurkey). Now, however, comes what some might consider a major breakthrough in the history of tofu chicanery — the City Bakery’s new barbecued-tofu sandwich.