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Big Mac

  1. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Will Give Away 10,000 Bottles of Big Mac Special Sauce on January 26This is what your life’s been missing.
  2. rip
    The Man Who Invented the Big Mac Has DiedMichael Delligatti created the iconic burger nearly 50 years ago.
  3. the chain gang
    McDonald’s Finally Deals With the Fact That Its Burgers Kinda SuckThe chain is trying to process that only one in five millennials has ever tried a Big Mac.
  4. What Happens When You Pour Sulfuric Acid on a Big MacMaybe don’t watch this one over lunch.
  5. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s Is Testing Out Big Mac SizesThere’s a larger size, too.
  6. Video Feed
    Big Macs Finally Meet Their Match: Molten CopperEven still, the industrial-strength burgers don’t go down without a fight.
  7. The Chain Gang
    McDonald’s ‘Special Sauce’ Now for Sale in CommemorativeIt could be yours for no less than $18,000. (Also, you’ll probably have to live in Australia.)
  8. The Chain Gang
    Russia Declares War on McDonald’s Burgers, Filet-O-Fish, and Pretty MuchThe fast food violates “technological norms.”
  9. Grimace
    Alleged Burger King Hacker Also Pilfered Paris Hilton’s Camera-PhoneHe had to have it his way.
  10. Special Sauce
    Burger King Twitter Account Hacked by Apparent Big Mac-Loving Gucci Mane FanAnonymous wants you to follow @BurgerKing
  11. Video Feed
    Here’s How You Make a Big Mac (Kind Of)You forgot the propylene glycol alginate, chef.