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  1. animal welfare
    Trump’s USDA Is Working to Torpedo the Rules for Organic EggsIt could undermine a seven-year fight to force Big Chicken to treat animals more humanely.
  2. lawsuits
    The Feds Are Investigating Tyson for Chicken Price-fixingIt faces a subpoena following claims that Big Chicken has artificially inflated prices for eight years.
  3. lawsuits
    Poultry Producers Accused of Industry-Wide Conspiracy to Overcharge for ChickenA new class-action lawsuit claims Big Chicken fixed prices at a 50 percent premium.
  4. Big Chicken
    Factory Farming Now Causes ‘Woody Breasts’It’s one of several unappetizing muscle diseases afflicting poultry.
  5. Big Chicken
    Perdue Chicken Will Remove ‘Humanely Raised’ From Its Label toThe Humane Society had claimed it “slapped stickers on,” hoping consumers “won’t know the difference.”
  6. Big Chicken
    Perdue Says It’s Finally Stopped Injecting Chicken Eggs With HumanJim Perdue says “it’s the culmination of a lot, a lot of effort.”