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  1. the grub street diet
    John Birdsall Knows Salsa Can Save Sous-Vide Turkey“There’s a lesson here … that the Mexican market can save a fearsome load of aspirational tech protein from blandness and, ultimately, despair.”
  2. racism
    Charlottesville Restaurant Owner Threatened After Kicking Out Nazi Sympathizers“You’ve gotta go,” the owner told a group that gave Hitler salutes.
  3. bans
    Berkeley Could Ban Plastic StrawsThey want to encourage people to carry around their own personal straw.
  4. drama
    Animal-Rights Activists Invaded Chez PanisseIf anyone is mindful about ingredients and sourcing, it’s Alice Waters.
  5. soda wars
    Berkeley’s Soda Tax Appears to Be WorkingA new study charts a 21 percent drop in consumption after it went into effect.
  6. Total Boar
    Some Weirdo Put Severed Boar Heads Outside Two Vegetarian RestaurantsWho hates carrots this much?
  7. Coke and Taxes
    Voters Overwhelmingly Approved America’s First Soda TaxTake a big gulp: It’s a penny per ounce.
  8. Soda Wars
    Berkeley Vows Its Soda-Tax Vote Is Going to Be Big Soda’sThe beverage industry disagrees but has invested $1.4 million just in case.
  9. Foodievents
    Very Rich People Can Bid on a Chez Panisse Lunch With Michael PollanThe current bid is $750, but it’s valued at $5,000.
  10. Video Feed
    Watch Alice Waters Discuss Chez Panisse’s Postfire RenovationsShe got the beautiful ceiling that she’s always wanted.
  11. Opening Again
    Chez Panisse Reopens TodayThree and a half months after the fire.
  12. Fire Damage
    Post-Blaze Chez Panisse Reopens With Ritzy $2,500-Per-Head Fund-raiserAlice’s restaurant returns, Meyer lemons and all.
  13. Quote of the Day
    Amy Murray Still Gets Meat & Potatoes People In Berkeley
  14. Mediavore
    Whale Meat Resurfaces; Machete Hero Saves Woman in Islands Parking LotDNA tests show whale meat served in L.A. and Korea, while police are called to an attack at a Marina del Rey restaurant.
  15. Beef
    Pot Dispensary to Move Into Former Scharffen Berger Chocolate FactoryDespite multiple objections from neighbors and a potential lawsuit by a developer, the pot club is set to move in.
  16. The New York Diet
    Michael Pollan Forages for Chanterelles, Doesn’t Sweat Unsustainable Sushi“I had twelve-grain toast with smoked salmon that my mother had gotten from Barney Greengrass.”
  17. Waters Runs Deep
    Alice Waters Puts A Little Sugar in Your Bowl on KCRWAlice Waters guest DJs on KCRW.
  18. Openings
    Meritage Opens for Real at the ClaremontThe new restaurant in the Claremont is finally official after weeks of soft opening.
  19. Booze News
    Best Job Ever: Sample Beer for $27.50 an HourA beer-tasting job that pays better-than-journeyman rates might be hard to get, so you’d better hit up Berkeley’s new beer history exhibit and tasting.