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Ben’s Kosher Delicatessen

  1. Best of New York
    The Absolute Best Knish in New YorkIconic New York food or starch-on-starch anachronism, the potato-stuffed pastry provides nostalgia and nourishment in equal measure.
  2. Expansions
    Ben’s Delicatessen Will Not Lose Kosher Certification Ahead of ExpansionThe Long Island-based chain is adding “scores of new restaurants.”
  3. Field Trips
    But What If You Want to Eat Tongue Polonaise in a Thirties Subway Car?Next to Staten Island’s tiki bar, there’s a Kosher deli that’s perhaps even more of a spectacle.
  4. Lists
    Ask the Experts: The Best Delis and Chinese Food in TownThe authors of two recent books, one about delis and the other about Chinese food, name their faves.
  5. What to Drink
    Bosco Chocolate Soda Is Indeed Almost ExtinctOur call for information has been answered. And the news is not good.
  6. The New York Diet
    Sandra Bernhard Nibbles on Vegan Hors D’Oeuvre and Chows Down on Cheese GritsAs an actress, comedian, political activist, and singer-songwriter who’s slated to perform six nights at Joe’s Pub leading up to this New Year’s Eve, Sandra Bernhard is a versatile woman. We wondered if her diet was equally wide-ranging. She drew a cup of one of her favorite teas — Kukicha; “it’s made from twigs” — and told us about her obsession with omega-3 eggs, her occasional kosher-steak splurge, and how many sips she’ll take from a vodka tonic.