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  1. Strange Science
    Woman Gets DUI Tossed Because Her Body Brews BeerTalk about micro-brewing.
  2. Shortages
    Small Breweries Are Literally Running Out of Beer CansThere’s just too much good beer out there.
  3. News You Can Booze
    America Has Officially Hit Peak IPADogfish Head says it’s created the “hoppiest beer ever documented.”
  4. A Shot And A Beer
    Daniel Boulud Now Serves NYC’s Fanciest BoilermakersThere’s an entry-level bourbon and pilsner, but also a tart cider paired with Serbian plum brandy.
  5. New You Can Booze
    One Third of Beers Sold Worldwide Will Come From This MegabrewerAnheuser-Busch InBev and SABMiller have formalized their $106 billion merger.
  6. Guides
    21 Ways to Booze Up Your Guests This Holiday SeasonBeer, wine, and cocktail pairings from the professionals.
  7. Beer
    The End of Craft Beer“Craft beer is just about to completely explode and become unrecognizable to itself.”
  8. Big Deals
    World’s Two Biggest Beer-Makers Agree to Become Single Beer-MakingThe maker of Budweiser will take over the maker of Miller, and soon all our beer will be the same.
  9. Beer Me
    SABMiller Is Just Not That Into A-B InBev’s $104 Billion Merger OfferIt was the third attempt by Anheuser-Busch InBev to buy its rival.
  10. Tie-Ins
    Here Are the Most Over-the-Top Foods Commemorating Pope Francis’s VisitYou can eat pizzas and pretzels in his spitting image.
  11. Urban Forager
    Mast Brothers’ New Shake Shack Chocolate Bar Comes Out This WeekPlus, From the Ground Brewery brings ultra-locavore beer to the Greenmarket.
  12. News You Can Booze
    Pop-Tarts Are Next in the Breakfast-Food-As-Beer TrendAny chance the brewery is using the s’mores flavor?
  13. End Of An Era
    Which Fickle-Hipster Beer Should You Be Drinking?PBR’s sales are falling.
  14. Earlier Eras
    It’s Time to Say Good-bye to the Styrofoam Beer Cups of New YorkThe city’s upcoming styrofoam ban will effectively end one of the last vestiges of the city’s pre-Giuliani years.
  15. Beer Me
    Is New York in Danger of Losing Its Most Interesting Beer Boutiques?Why the retail side of selling unique, small-batch beer remains surprisingly difficult, even at a time when interest in craft beer is at an all-time high.
  16. Celebrity Brews
    There’s Finally Going to Be a ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ BeerA 12-pack will put you back $31.
  17. News You Can Booze
    Grocery Chain Pulls ‘Sweet Baby Jesus’ Beer After One Too ManyIt’s supposed to taste like chocolate, peanut butter, and heaven.
  18. Beer Me
    Corona Is So Popular That Its Brewer Is Actually Afraid of Running OutAnd here you thought it was just a so-so beer you drank at the pool.
  19. Blowbacks
    Craft Brewers All Over the Country Are Taunting Budweiser With ‘PumpkinBeer, brew kits, T-shirts, festivals, and so much more.
  20. News You Can Booze
    Watchdog Groups Actually Think Ben & Jerry’s Beer Will Be a Bad InfluenceChildren “will start looking at beer as the next step after ice cream.”
  21. Booze You Can Use
    Hey, Ladies, a Japanese Brewery Made Collagen-Infused Light Beer Just forThis is quite strange.
  22. Famous Last Words
    David Chang Fully Embraces Celebrity Chefdom Through Budweiser-Sponsored BurgerWatch out, Guy Fieri.
  23. Just Stellar
    A New Beer Is Made With Yeast That Was Sent to SpaceSomewhere out there, Major Tom raises a glass.
  24. Blowbacks
    Craft Brewers Continue to Hammer Budweiser’s ‘Tone-Deaf’ SuperThey probably should have stuck with Clydesdales.
  25. Beer Me
    Enterprising Water Treatment Company Invents Way to Make Beer From SewageThe state of Oregon isn’t so sure you should drink it, though.
  26. Lawsuits
    Anheuser-Busch Will Refund Americans Who Thought Kirin Beer Was Brewed in JapanIt’s a full 50 cents.
  27. Beer Me
    Brewery Apologizes for Putting Gandhi on Its Beer LabelsNew England Brewing Company’s says its “fully vegetarian” IPA is an homage.
  28. Beer Me
    Bodega Owners Say a Distributor Merger Will Be Awful for the City’s GoodIt would reportedly give one company 80 percent of sales.
  29. Openings
    Threes Brewing Opens in Gowanus Next Week, With Roberta’s PizzaIt’s 8,000 square feet!
  30. Bad Taste
    NYC Brewpub’s ‘Racist’ Beer Slogan Is Pretty ShockingThere isn’t a lot of room for interpretation with this one.
  31. Closings
    Brooklyn’s d.b.a. Outpost Will Close This WeekendStop by on Sunday to drink the inventory, then pour one out.
  32. Beer Me
    Someone’s Finally Brewing Sriracha BeerIt arrives next month.
  33. Beer Me
    Budweiser Nixed Its Awesome Clydesdales in Favor of Whiny Millennials This YearThey wear flannels, trucker hats, non-prescription glasses, ironic t-shirts, and coincidentally have never really tried the beer brand.
  34. Beer Me
    This Hops Machine Makes Crappy Beer Taste AwesomeCraft brewers should maybe be afraid.
  35. Grub Guides
    17 Excellent Local Beers That You Should Be DrinkingFrom chocolate-layered imperial stouts to bitter and balanced IPAs.
  36. Beer
    Here’s How You Can Get Those $120 Bottles of Black Truffle BeerThere are only 500 bottles up for grabs, and you have to pick it up in Chicago.
  37. Video Feed
    This Wonderful Dog Fetches Cold Beer Every Time He Hears ‘I’mBandit doesn’t like a thirsty owner.
  38. Beer Run
    These Guys Are Buying Every Beer in America to Make a ‘Pandora forThe 40,000-brew quest doesn’t involve any actual drinking.
  39. Striking Back
    Lucasfilm Is Not a Fan of Empire Brewing’s ‘Strikes Bock’ BeerThe resemblance is too strong in this one, it tells the U.S. patent office.
  40. Kind of Blue
    This Extremely Blue Japanese Beer Is Finally Available in the U.S.Filling the demand nobody knew they had.
  41. Under Bruges
    A Belgian Town Is Building an Underground Beer Pipeline — What Could GoTownspeople have no doubt already devised ways to tap it.
  42. Beer Me
    Bud Light’s Town-Size Party Completely Clogged Up a Tiny Colorado Airport“Literally 1,000 young drunk/hungover kids” got stranded in an airport “the size of a gas station.”
  43. Beer Me
    Small Town Isn’t So Sure It Wants to Host Giant Party for 1,000 Bud LightThey certainly don’t want the beer company to paint all of its lampposts electric blue.
  44. Tie-Ins
    Hobbit-Themed Beer Is ComingGollum pilsner and Smaug stout.
  45. Pleasant Surprises
    Dogfish Head Makes Chocolate-Lobster Beer — and It’s GreatChoc Lobster sounds like a joke beer. Turns out it’s perfect for summer.
  46. Can Do
    This Guy Has the Ability to Pour Beer With His HeadTalk about really useful superpowers.
  47. Truffle Beer
    $120 Truffle Beer Headed to NYC Restaurants“Hand-shaved” black Perigord truffles are the reason for its astronomical price tag.
  48. For Strength
    Dublin Pub Won’t Sell Guinness Because It Says It’s Too ExpensiveOr Bushmills, or Baileys, or apparently anything else from Diageo.
  49. How Soon Can You Start?
    Guy Lands Design Job by Posting His Résumé on Beer BottlesHe and the beer are both “smooth and elegant” with “a bit of a wild side.”
  50. Trouble Brewing
    Makers of Natural Light Move to Block Craft Brewer’s ‘NattyIt’s Natty vs. Natty in North Carolina.
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