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Beer Pong

  1. Beer Me
    Score! Dudes Win $50K Playing Beer PongNow where do we sign up for the Flip Cup Championship?
  2. Mediavore
    What’s Beer Pong Without the Beer?; Get Ready For Some Bieber-cue!Plus: The U.K.’s most popular food is not fish and chips; and the push is on to make borscht cool again, all in our morning news roundup.
  3. Crime Scenes
    Beer Pong Bout Leads to Fatal StabbingThe fatal stabbing marks a new low for the drinking game.
  4. Douchebauchery
    Only in Murray Hill: Pizza Bagel Beer PongThe neighborhood’s nightlife just keeps getting classier and classier.
  5. Mediavore
    Top Chef Premiere Pulls Lowest Ratings; LAPD Officer Shoots atWill T.V.’s popular chef contest have to pack its knives someday soon?
  6. Slideshow
    Serious Trouble: The Doghouse Brings Beer Pong, Skee-Ball, and Free Hot Dogs toPlus, a secret basement lounge.
  7. Booze News
    Fratastrophic: State Liquor Authority Busts Up the Beer-Pong PartyPlus: Flip cup causes swine flu?
  8. Booze News
    Dude! SLA Will Speak From On High About Beer PongWhen and where is it legal in a bar?