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  1. Drinking on the Job
    Germany Plans to Pay Street-Cleaning Alcoholics With BeerIt comes with a shot of addiction counseling, on the bright side.
  2. Beer Me
    Beijing’s Foul Air-Pollution Problem Gets Its Own Signature BeerAs the air quality index worsens, pints get cheaper.
  3. Beer Me
    Nudist Beer Festival Headed to the Poconos“Some of the finest local and imported breweries” will be represented.
  4. End of the Beginning
    Ozzy Osbourne Sends Cease-and-Desist to Makers of ‘Ozzy’ AleHe may be “Iron Man” and all, but he’s still not having any part of the tin can.
  5. Beer Geeks
    Neil deGrasse Tyson-Inspired Cocktail and Vulcan Ale Signal New Heights ofSherlock Holmes needs a Saison.
  6. Exercise
    Watch This Guy Open a Beer Bottle With a Precision KickThis adds a whole new dimension to the concept of pre-gaming.
  7. Beer Me
    Guinness Withdraws From St. Patrick’s Day Parade Over Exclusion of GaysNot everyone loves a parade, especially if it’s exclusionary.
  8. Beer Me
    New Line of Charles Bukowski—Themed Beer Will Promote Boston LiteracyWhat took so long?
  9. Beer Me
    Del’s Lemonade and Narragansett Brewing Teaming Up on Limited-EditionWith any luck, Del’s Shandy will be launched before the summer.
  10. Drought and Draughts
    California’s Drought May Result in Nasty-Tasting BeerThe taste of West Coast beer may be changing, against the wishes of the brewers.
  11. Fruitless
    Watch Out: Bud Light’s Raz-Ber-Rita and Mang-O-Rita Flavors Are ComingIf you only drink one purple beer this year, make it Raz-Ber-Rita.
  12. Beer Me
    Sixpoint Is Headed to the U.K.In the most adorable can format ever.
  13. It Tolls For Thee
    Bell’s Brewery Beer Is Now in New York CityDing-dong, beer lovers.
  14. Drone On And On
    Beer Delivery Drone Grounded for LifeThe FAA took their baby away.
  15. Drone On
    Watch a Beer Delivery Drone in ActionJust don’t tell the FAA.
  16. Beer Me
    Gun Hill Brewery Opening in the BronxLadies and gentlemen, the Bronx is brewing.
  17. School of Suds
    Brooklyn Brewery Opening Satellite Brewery at the Culinary Institute of AmericaIt’ll produce lager and pilsner to start.
  18. Beer Me
    Watch a Parody of Hipsters Who Take Beer Way Too Seriously“Oh yeah, it’s real good. And it comes in a fedora.”
  19. Beer Me
    This ‘Fried’ Pabst Blue Ribbon Burger Requires Valid IDThe Philly restaurant prefers PBR.
  20. Beer Me
    Bell’s Beer Is Headed to New York CityFrom Michigan.
  21. Reasons to be Hoppy
    The Beer Industry Is Sexist, TooThings are changing, though.
  22. Beer Me
    The World’s Strongest Beer Is 67.5 Percent AlcoholRemember to sip.
  23. Beer Me
    German Drinkers Spit Out Earnest American Craft BeerWhat happens at Oktoberfest in Munich stays at Oktoberfest in Munich.
  24. Beer Me
    Heineken Pins Hopes on Craft Hops to Revive Light-Beer SalesBut be honest: Did you know Heineken Light even existed?
  25. Video Feed
    Here’s How to Tap a Beer Keg With a Detonating CordOtherwise known as “Here’s a good way to waste a lot of beer.”
  26. Beer Me
    Omission Beer Can Now Officially Call Itself ‘Gluten-Free’The beer company will now make its labels much clearer.
  27. Beer Me
    Ramen Shop Ippudo Has Its Own Brooklyn Brewery BeerNoodles and pork broth and beer, together at last.
  28. Beer Me
    Ommegang Announces Take the Black Stout, Its Second Game of ThronesThe beer goes on sale this fall.
  29. Beer Me
    Pabst Selling Deeply Patriotic Commemorative US Army WWII Beer, But in China“Yes we can!”
  30. Clam Power
    Beer and Bivalves: How Narragansett Became the ‘Official Beer of theThe new logo is not really a scallop, but is not yet a clam.
  31. Beer Me
    Hanson’s Beer Mmmhops Is Real, Sort OfWe’ll check in again in a year.
  32. Beer Me
    Dingbats and Ale: Magic Hat Sues Lexington-Based West Sixth Brewing CompanyIt’s a cold one, too.
  33. The Great Outdoors
    PHS’ Pop-Up Garden Now Open on Broad StreetThe garden is open now, but the food and drinks won’t be served for another week.
  34. The Final Frontier
    Introducing Vulcan Ale, the Greatest Star Trek Beer on the MarketLive long, prosper, and try not to get crazy beer burps.
  35. Beer Me
    Barren Hill Tavern & Brewery Hires Former Dock Street Brewer; Iron Hill ReceivesBoth projects are slted for summer openings.
  36. Beer Me
    How Bi-Rite Divisadero Survived Its First Bay to BreakersThey basically became a Tecate concession. Smart.
  37. The Happiest Hours on Earth
    Meritage Rolls Out New Happy Hour DealageNew cocktails, cheap beers, and Korean tacos.
  38. Beer Me
    Belly Up: Beer Week’s ‘Opening Tap’ Is Just Two Weeks AwayThis year the ten-day beer extravaganza arrives much sooner than in years past.
  39. Anniversaries
    Suppenkuche Rings In 20 Years With Big Thursday PartyThere will be a special menu, many people, and much beer.
  40. Beer Me
    Johnny Brenda’s Celebrating Bocks, Brats and a Three-Legged Goat AllFive types of bock beers from local breweries will be on tap throughout the weekend.
  41. Beer Me
    Trumer Pils Brewery Hosting a Bike-In Movie Night May 24And there will be food trucks.
  42. Openings
    Paprika Opens on 24th StreetIt’s a bare-bones, brauhaus with some Czech and German beers.
  43. Beer Me
    Diving Dog Brewhouse, a D.I.Y. Beer Bar, Coming to Oakland Later This YearIt’s going in across from the Fox.
  44. Video Feed
    Watch This Guy Miraculously Open 24 Bottles of Beer at the Same TimeNot the most vital piece of barware ever invented, but certainly a real conversation starter.
  45. Previews
    Another Beer Garden Comes to Oakland: Brotzeit LokalIt’s opening possibly by late May.
  46. Beer Me
    Zama and Strangelove’s Both Hosting Hitachino Nest Founder ToshiyukiIf the Omakase dinner proves too rich for your bllod, there are other options.
  47. Beer Me
    How to Know What Kind of Beer You LikeIt’s a “beer workout” for your taste buds.
  48. Beer Me
    Manneken-Penn Belgo-American Hybrid to Debut at Philly Beer Week; Saucony CreekPlus Shiner, the “Yuengling of Texas,” also will soon begin showing up at bars and beers stores.
  49. Beer Me
    Smog City Opens 20-Tap Torrance Tasting RoomOwner John Porter moves to a new facility to increase his production and expand into the retail market.
  50. Openings
    Paprika, a New Sausage and Beer Spot, to Open This Week on 24th StreetIt sounds Eastern European.
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